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These prizes are awarded to students for merit or achievement based on nominations received by academics in the Department. They are small in monetary terms but carry significant prestige. 

Brian Abel-Smith prize

Brian Abel-Smith was Professor of Social Administration at LSE from 1965-1991. One of the most renowned figures in post-1945 social administration, Brian Abel Smith first came to prominence with his incisive analysis for the Guillebaud enquiry into the cost of the national health service (with Richard Titmuss). As a consultant to the World Health Organisation and other institutions, he travelled to many countries advising on matters relating to health economics. 

Prizes for best performance in both examinations and the dissertation are awarded in his memory for each of the following programmes: 

  • MSc Health Policy, Planning and Financing
  • MSc Health, Population and Society
  • MSc International Health Policy
  • MSc International Health Policy (Health Economics)

Charles Mostyn Lloyd Memorial Prize

Charles Mostyn Lloyd was Head of the Department of Social Administration from 1922-1944. A prize is awarded in his memory for outstanding performance at MSc level.

Christie Exhibition

The Christie Exhibition is awarded in memory of Mary Elizabeth Christie, a former lecturer in the Department of Social Science. It is awarded for achievement by a student in the Department of Social Policy. 

Delia Ashworth Prize

Mary Isabel Ashworth (known as Delia) studied social science at LSE from 1936-1938. She kindly bequeathed a sum of money to the School and an award was established in her memory. In view of Ms Ashworth's particular interest in social work, this prize is awarded for outstanding performance in an MSc programme by a student likely to pursue a career in this field.

Janet Beveridge Awards 

The Janet Beveridge awards were established by Lord Beveridge in memory of his wife. William Henry Beveridge was Director of LSE from 1919-1937, a period of tremendous growth for the School. Beveridge's directorship was responsible for the School's recognition during the 1930s as one of the world's leading social science centres. Outside academia, Beveridge's career was diverse.  His most famous contribution to society is the Beveridge Report (officially, the Social Insurance and Allied Services Report) of 1942, the basis of the 1945-1951 Labour Government's legislation program for social reform. 

Two prizes are awarded each year for conspicuous achievement in (a) final examinations and (b) first or second year examinations in a BSc programme.

Loch Exhibition

The Loch Exhibitions were founded by a private benefactor in memory of Sir Charles Loch who spent his life working to improve the welfare of the poor and disadvantaged. They are awarded to students in the Department of Social Policy for merit and achievement.

Titmuss Prize

Richard Titmuss was Professor of Social Administration at LSE from 1950 until his death in 1973. His publications on welfare and social policy were radical and wide-ranging, spanning fields such as demography, class inequalities in health, social work, and altruism.  

Titmuss' work played a critical role in establishing the study of social policy as a scientific discipline; it helped to shape the development of the British Welfare State and influenced thinking about social policy worldwide. 

Prizes are awarded in his memory for best performance and outstanding dissertation in for the following MSc programmes: 

  • MSc Criminal Justice Policy
  • MSc Population and Development
  • MSc Social Policy (European and Comparative Social Policy)
  • MSc Social Policy (Research)
  • MSc Social Policy (Social Policy and Planning)
  • MSc Social Policy and Development 
  • Social Policy and Development (Non-Governmental Organisations) 

In addition, an annual prize is awarded for the best PhD thesis written by a student in the Department.