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Part-time teachers 2016/17

Alburez Gutierrez Diego

Alburez Gutiérrez, Diego
Course taught: SA103
Advice and Feedback hours: LT only-Friday 12.00-13.00
Room OLD 2.31
Contact details:  d.alburez-gutierrez@lse.ac.uk

Diego is a PhD candidate in Demography and Population Studies. His research focuses on the effects of mortality crises 
on local population dynamics. He has conducted extensive fieldwork in Guatemala to study the 1980’s genocide of the Maya-Achi people. Diego holds a BA in Anthropology and Sociology and an MSc in Social Research Methods from the LSE. His experience includes consulting work for the Population Council, the IDB and other non-governmental organisations on population, health and development.

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Alexander, Eileen
Course taught: 
Advice and Feedback hours: Tuesday 10.00-11.00
Room OLD 2.31
Contact details:  e.a.alexander@lse.ac.uk



Miranda Bevan

Bevan, Miranda

Course taught: SA218
Advice and Feedback hours: Tuesday 12.00-13.00
Room OLD 2.31
Contact details:  m.j.bevan@lse.ac.uk

Miranda is a PhD candidate in the Social Policy Department. Her research focuses on the experience of children and young people when detained as suspects in police custody in England and Wales. Before coming to the LSE, Miranda practised as a criminal barrister, prosecuting and defending criminal cases at all levels of seriousness. She has also spent two years working at the Law Commission (a part of the Ministry of Justice)  on reform of the law relating to unfitness to plead in criminal cases. She has an MSc in Criminal Justice Policy from the LSE.


Dr Boucas, Dimitris
Course taught: SA201
Advice and Feedback hours: MT only- Friday 11.00-12.00
Room OLD 2.31
Contact detailsd.boucas@lse.ac.uk

Dimitris holds a BSc in Social Sciences from Open University, a MSc in Science and Technology Policy from the University of Sussex and a PhD on information society and the role of the state from LSE. His research interests cover the social, political and economic dimensions of new media and information technology. He has taught extensively on media theory, technology management and research methods, both at undergraduate and at postgraduate level at various universities in the UK.

Cristian Crespo-Rojas

Crespo-Rojas, Cristian
Course taught: SA201
Advice and Feedback hours: LT only-Monday, 15.00-16.00
Thursday, 12.00-13.00
Room: OLD 2.31
Contact details: c.e.crespo-rojas@lse.ac.uk

Cristian is a chilean citizen, currently a full-time PhD student at LSE. His research interests are impact evaluation, social policies (especially conditional cash transfers) and higher education. He has worked for the Chilean Government, both at the local and central levels. Additionally Cristián has experience as a private consultant for universities, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations. He holds an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) and a Master degree in Public Policy (University of California-Berkeley).


DeMarco, Jeffrey
Course taught: SA217
Advice and Feedback hours: Tuesdays, 14.00-15.00
Room OLD 2.31
Contact details: j.demarco@lse.ac.uk

Jeffrey is a Forensic Psychologist, criminological and legal researcher.  His research focuses on collaborative practices within law enforcement both in England and Wales, but also more broadly and outside of the ‘norm’ of contemporary policing.  This includes applying principles of good police practice in military settings during times of conflict and armed intervention, such as Iraq and Afghanistan.  He has also spent much time focusing on some key issues surrounding the evolution of terrorism in a post 9/11 world and has served as a voice on national and international television discussing self-radicalisation, issues with incongruent ideologies and problems with foreign policy from a psychological perspective.

Jeffrey has worked on a number of government related research projects surrounding trust in authority figures including collaboration with the Ministry of Justice on parenting programmes for maximum security offenders and a violence prevention initiative in hospital A & E’s for London adolescents. He is currently working with the European Commission in an international investigation into preventing Computer Mediated Crimes Against Children (CMCAC) and is a Research Fellow with the Centre of Abuse and Trauma Studies.


Durazzi, Niccolo
Course taught: SA320
Advice and Feedback hours: MT only-Thursday 12.30-13.30
Room OLD 2.31
Contact details: n.durazzi@lse.ac.uk

Niccolo is a PhD candidate in the Department of Social Policy. His PhD project focuses on institutional change in education and skill policies in Germany and the UK. He is also a Research Associate at LSE Enterprise, where he has worked since 2010 on consultancy projects and policy research for the public sector, focusing on education, skills and social policy. He holds an MSc in European Political Economy from the LSE European Institute, an MA from the University of Bologna in International Cooperation, Development and Human Rights and a BA in International and Diplomatic Science.

Ginevra Floridi

Floridi, Ginevra

Course taught: SA201
Advice and Feedback hours: Tuesday 15.00-16.00
Room: OLD 2.31
Contact details:  g.floridi@lse.ac.uk

Ginevra is currently working on a PhD in Demography, focussing on productive ageing in Italy and South Korea. Her research interests include population ageing in developed countries, welfare regime effects on activity participation in later life, and quantitative demography. She holds an MSc in Social Research Methods and an MSc in Population and Development from the LSE, and a BSc in Economics from the University of Essex.

Dr Tony Hockley

Hockley, Tony

Course taught: SA4F8
Advice and Feedback hours: LT only-Wednesday 11.00-12.00
Room: OLD 2.31
Contact details: t.c.hockley@lse.ac.uk

Tony holds a PhD from the LSE and has taught at the School since 2003. He is Director of the Policy Analysis Centre, a private research organisation, and regularly participates in LSE research projects. Tony has worked on social policy and regulation in government and the private sector in the UK and overseas. His primary interest is in processes of incremental change, in policies, opinions, and behaviours. 

Laura Kudrna

Kudrna, Laura

Course taught: SA4L4
Advice and Feedback hours: Monday 13.00-14.00
Room OLD 2.31
Contact details:  l.kudrna@lse.ac.uk

Laura is a fourth and final year Doctoral Candidate in the department of Social Policy. Her research centres upon the relationships of absolute and relative socio-economic status with subjective wellbeing. She holds an MSc in Social Research Methodology from the LSE and a BSc in Psychology from the University of Westminster. 


Laffan, Kate
Course taught: SA4L4, MY452
Advice and Feedback hours: Thursday 10.00-11.00
Room: Old 2.31
Contact details: k.m.Laffan@lse.ac.uk 

Kate is in her final year PhD student jointly based at the Grantham Research Institute and in the Social Policy Department at the LSE. Her thesis focuses on applying behavioural science and subjective well-being economics to climate change mitigation strategies.

She holds an MSc in Social Policy and Planning from LSE and a B.Comm International, majoring in economics, from University College Dublin.

Klara Lorenz

Lorenz, Klara
Course taught: SA223
Advice and Feedback hours: Fridays 10.00-11.00
Room: Lincoln's Chamber, room 2.09
Contact details:  k.h.lorenz@lse.ac.uk

Klara is a PhD candiate in the Social Policy and is based at PSSRU (Personal Social Services Research Unit). Her PhD is attached to the MODEM project (www.modem-dementia.org.uk) where she focuses on aspects of well-being of family carers of people with dementia. Klara holds a Master in Public Health from the École des Hautes Études en Santé Publique in France and a BA in Applied Economics and International Relations from Kingston University London.

Xandra Miguel-Lorenzo

Miguel-Lorenzo, Xandra
Course taught: SA320
Advice and Feedback hours: LT only-12.00-13.00
Room OLD 2.31
Contact details: l.a.miguel-lorenzo@lse.ac.uk

Xandra is a PhD candidate in the Department of Anthropology.  Her PhD examines women’s empowerment, Christianity and domestic violence in the Solomon Islands, South Pacific. She conducted long term ethnographic research to study two Anglican Sisterhoods’ work in their shelter for abused women and children, the first of this kind in the country. She holds a MSc in the Anthropology of Learning and Cognition from the LSE Department of Anthropology, a Postgraduate Diploma on Gender and Equality of Opportunities from the Institute of Women Studies and Granada University, Spain, a BSc in Social and Cultural Anthropology from Granada University, Spain, and a BSc in Social work from Valladolid University, Spain. 


Mir, Mansoor
Course taught: SA217
Advice and Feedback hours:  Tuesdays, 16.00-17.00
Room OLD 2.31
Contact detailsm.mir2@lse.ac.uk

Mansoor currently works as a researcher at HM Courts and Tribunals Service, and is involved in capturing the experiences of a range of court users to inform the work of the Reform Programme. He currently teaches at Middlesex University and London Metropolitan University as well as at the LSE. He previously ran a restorative justice project for Victim Support based on the Neighbourhood Justice Panels model. Prior to this, he worked as a Intelligence Analyst with the Metropolitan Police Service and as a Sex Offender Treatment Programme (SOTP) Facilitator with HM Prison Service. He has recently completed a PhD at Middlesex relating to his previous experience of delivering psychological interventions in prisons ('The Treatment of Sex Offenders within HM Prison Service: Responding to the Risks and Needs of a Diverse Population’).

Sam Mohun Himmelweit

Mohun Himmelweit, Sam

Course taught:  SA219
Advice and Feedback hours: MT only- Monday 11.00-12.00
Room OLD 2.31
Contact details:  s.f.mohun-himmelweit@lse.ac.uk

Sam is a PhD candidate in the Department of Social Policy. His PhD focuses on recent developments in work-family policies in England and Germany. His research interests include comparative politics, welfare regime theory and institutional and ideational analysis of welfare state change. He holds an MSc in European Social Policy from the LSE and an BA in History from the University of Edinburgh. 

Konstantinos Myrodias

Myrodias, Konstantinos
Course taught: SA219
Advice and Feedback hours: LT only-Monday 10.00-11.00
Room OLD 2.31
Contact details:  k.myrodias@lse.ac.uk

Konstantinos is a PhD candidate in International Political Economy at the London School of Economics (LSE). His research focuses on the effects of the EU and IMF structural adjustment programmes on the Economic and Monetary Union. Konstantinos earned his BSc at Panteion University of Athens and his MSc at LSE.

He has also been an OPAP Scholar at the European Institute at LSE, and has previously worked at the European Commission in Brussels. He was awarded scholarships from the Onassis Foundation.  


Dr Provan, Bert
Courses taught: SA4C6, SA4F9
Advice and Feedback hours: Wednesday, 10.00-11.00
Room OLD 2.31
Contact detailsj.a.provan@lse.ac.uk

Bert is a researcher at the LSE Housing and Communities Group. He holds a PhD from LSE for work on French and UK social housing renovation and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing, having spent ten years in the social housing sector working for Housing Associations and City housing departments. He then spent 25 years as a UK Government Senior Civil Servant, in both the Department for Work and Pensions, and the Communities and Local Government Department. In government he was responsible at different times for Neighbourhood Renewal policy, Child Support policy, Digital Inclusion policy, Community Cohesion, and the Citizenship Survey. He also latterly served as Chief Social Researcher in the Communities Department, and currently researches welfare reform and poverty, UK and European housing, and recovering cities.

Robinson, Peter
Course taught: SA104
Advice and Feedback hours: Tuesdays, 12.00-13.00
Room OLD 2.31
Contact detailsp.robinson@lse.ac.uk
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Rowe, Robyn

Course taught: 
Advice and Feedback hours: Monday 14.00-15.00
Room OLD 2.31
Contact details:  r.r.rowe@lse.ac.uk


Laura Sochas

Sochas, Laura

Course taught: SA103
Advice and Feedback hours: MT only- Tuesday 11.00-12.00
Room OLD 2.31
Contact details: l.sochas@lse.ac.uk

Laura is a PhD student in Population Studies,  conducting a mixed methods study around the nature and effective response to inequalities in access to maternal health care in Southern Africa. Laura holds an Msc in Research Methods and an MPA in International Development from the LSE. She previously worked as a consultant on  maternal and newborn health issues for clients such as DFID, UNFPA, and the UN Secretary General's office.

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Suh, Ellie

Course taught: SA201 
Advice and Feedback hours: LT only- Monday 11.00-12.00
Room: LSE Life, Ground Floor of the Library
Contact details:  e.k.suh@lse.ac.uk





Summers, Kate

Courses taught: SA221
Advice and Feedback hours: Fridays, 13.00-14.00
Room OLD 2.31
Contact details:  k.summers@lse.ac.uk 

Kate is in the third year of her PhD in the Department of Social Policy. She is based in CASE (Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion) and is researching the ways in which working age social security recipients understand and use the payments they receive. The fieldwork component of her thesis has involved conducting interviews with social security recipients in East London. Kate holds a BA in Modern History from the University of Oxford and an MSc in Social Policy Research from the LSE. Previously she has worked as a researcher for the Social Issues Research Centre in Oxford and for the think tank The Work Foundation.

Polly Vizard

Dr Vizard, Polly

Course taught: SA4D5
Advice and Feedback hours: Fridays, 15.30-16.30,
Room 32L.3.28
Contact detailsP.A.Vizard@lse.ac.uk

Polly Vizard is Associate Professorial Research Fellow and Associate Director, Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion, LSE. Her research interests focus on the analysis of poverty and inequality across different dimensions of life (living standards, health, physical security etc.), operationalising Amartya Sen’s capability approach, rights-based approaches (including social rights and human rights), and social policy. Her current research projects include a project on ‘Multidimensional child poverty and disadvantage’ (funded by Nuffield Foundation) and work on the links between inequality and poverty (funded by Joseph Rowntree Foundation). Other recent projects include work on the development of indicator based frameworks for equality and human rights monitoring (funded by EHRC); research on older people's experiences of dignity and nutrition during hospital stays (funded by ESRC); research on social policy and inequalities in the UK post crisis and recession (funded by Nuffield Foundation, JRF and Trust for London); research on social inequalities in Europe in the wake of the crisis (funded by Eurofound); and work on the human rights of older people in Mozambique, Kyrgyzstan and Peru (funded by HelpAGe International).