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Masters programmes

The high quality research environment in the Department enables academics to draw on their own research in their lectures and seminars. The teaching is 'research-led' - a term that means far more than the teaching being empirically based on up-to-date research, but that those teaching have an enthusiasm and energy that puts them at the forefront of policy debates and which engenders a sense of involvement, potential and confidence in those studying social policy at LSE.

Please refer to the links in the left-hand menu for programme specific information.

Current programmes

  • MPA Public and Social Policy
  • MSc Criminal Justice Policy
  • MSc Global Health
  • MSc Health Policy, Planning and Financing
  • MSc Health, Population and Society
  • MSc International Health Policy
  • MSc International Health Policy (Health Economics)
  • MSc Population and Development
  • MSc Social Policy (European and Comparative Social Policy)
  • MSc Social Policy (Social Policy and Planning)
  • MSc Social Policy (Research)  
  • MSc Social Policy and Development
  • MSc Social Policy and Development (Non-Governmental Organisations)  
  • MSc Social Research Methods (Population) (Methodology Institute)
  • MSc Social Research Methods (Social Policy) (Methodology Institute)  

Please also refer to the Department Index of courses for further information about the course units/half units offered in the Department of Social Policy, including course suspension, withdrawal and capping (limited places) updates.

MSc Social Policy Scholarship

LSE is pleased to announce the MSc Social Policy Scholarship for 2015 entry. This scholarship is for £20,000 and has been established to support a student from the UK to pursue an MSc programme full time in the Social Policy Department.

ESRC funding

The following Masters are all eligible for Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) 1+3 funding:

  • MSc Social Policy (Research)  
  • MSc Social Research Methods (Population) (Department of Methodology)  

The 1+3 scheme provides funding for a one year research training Masters linked to a three year PhD and is designed for students who have not already completed an ESRC-recognised programme of research training.

For more information, please refer to LSE's Financial Support Office web pages.