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Index of courses

Please note that not all of these courses will be available each year.  Updates will be posted as soon as information becomes available and changes can occur at anytime before the start of your programme.

Week 6 Teaching Activity / Reading Weeks:

Course convenors are responsible for determining if, during week 6 in Michaelmas and Lent Terms, there will be any teaching activity or if, instead, a reading week will take place for their course. For further details, please see the Moodle page for the relevant course.

Course capping

Most taught courses in the Department of Social Policy are capped.  The caps take into account previous demand and available teaching resources for the forthcoming year.

Priority is given as follows:

  1. Students for whom the course is a compulsory component of their degree. 
  2. Students within the Department of Social Policy
  3. Teaching staff will consider each student's suitability for the course based on their programme of study (some courses give priority to students on particular programmes), their other course choices and their reasons for being interested in the course (e.g. is the course topic relevant to their dissertation focus). 

Undergraduate courses

For Undergraduate courses guides for the 2016/17 session, please refer to the
LSE Calendar.

( ) = provisional cap for 2016/17, i.e. maximum number of places on course

  • SA100 Foundations of Social Policy (45)
  • SA101 Sociology and Social Policy (30)
  • SA103 Introduction to Global Population Change (30)
  • SA104 Social Economics and Policy (45)
  • SA105 Crime and Society- Not available in 2016/17
  • SA201 Research Methods for Social Policy (45)
  • SA204 Education Policy (15)
  • SA217 Psychology of Crime and Criminal Justice (30)
  • SA218 Criminological Perspectives (15)
  • SA221 Poverty, Social Exclusion and Social Change (45)
  • SA222 Implementing Social Policy: From Principles to Practice (45)
  • SA223 Health and Social Care Policy (45)
  • SA250 Demographic Description and Analysis (45)
  • SA302 Assessing Social Progress- Not available in 2016/17
  • SA309 Crime Control: Ideas and Controversies (15)
  • SA320 Comparative and International Social Policy (45)
  • SA349 A Long Essay on an Approved Topic

Postgraduate courses

For graduate courses guides  for the 2016/17 session, please refer to the
LSE Calendar.

( ) = provisional cap for 2016/17, i.e. maximum number of places on course

  • SA403 Criminal Justice Policy (30)
  • SA407 Financing Health Care (105)
  • SA408 Health Economics (105)
  • SA409 Social Security Policies (30)
  • SA427 Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy (60)
  • SA429 Understanding Social (Dis)advantage (45)
  • SA447 Foundations of Health Policy (45)
  • SA451 Social Policy Research (45)
  • SA481 Population Analysis: Methods and Models (30)
  • SA485 Planning for Population and Development (30)
  • SA488 Social Policy: Goals and Issues (75)
  • SA492 Sexual and Reproductive Health Programmes: Design, Implementation and Evaluation (45)
  • SA493 Demographic Change and Development- not available in 2016/17
  • SA4B5 International Planning and Children's Rights (30)
  • SA4B8 Ethnicity, Race and Social Policy- not available in 2016/17
  • SA4B9 Education Policy, Reform and Financing- not available in 2016/17
  • SA4C2 Basic Education for Social Development (30)
  • SA4C3 Statistical Methods in Health Care Economic Evaluation (30)
  • SA4C4 Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Health Care (75)
  • SA4C6 International Housing and Human Settlements (15)
  • SA4C8 Globalization and Social Policy- not available in 2016/17
  • SA4C9 Social Policy: Organisation and Innovation (60)
  • SA4D1 Health and Population in Contemporary Developed Societies (30)
  • SA4D2 Health and Population in Developing and Transitional Societies (45)
  • SA4D3 Valuing Health (30)
  • SA4D4 Measuring Health System Performance (60)
  • SA4D5 Social Rights and Human Welfare (30)
  • SA4D6 Health Systems and Policies in Developing Countries (60)
  • SA4E6 Rural Development and Social Policy (30)
  • SA4E9 Advanced Health Economics (30)
  • SA4F1 Migration: Population Trends and Policies (30)
  • SA4F3 US Health Policies (30)
  • SA4F7 The Economics of European Social Policy (30)
  • SA4F8 Behavioural Public Policy (48)
  • SA4F9 Housing, Neighbourhoods and Communities (30)
  • SA4G8 The Third Sector (30)
  • SA4H London School of Hygiene- Units
  • SA4H7 Urbanisation and Social Policy in the Global South (30)
  • SA4H9 NGOs and Social Development: Policy and Practice (45) 
  • SA4J8 Social Policy and Development: Core Concepts (75)
  • SA4J9 States and Social Development: Policy and Practice (60)
  • SA4K1 Global Health Policy: Institutions, Actors and Politics (30)
  • SA4K2 Sexuality, Everyday Lives and Social Policy in Developing Countries (30)
  • SA4L1 The Government of Welfare: The Nation State and the EU (15)
  • SA4L4 Behaviour, Happiness and Public Policy (45)
  • SA4L5 Applied Health Econometrics (30)
  • SA4L6 Illegal Drugs and Their Control:Theory, Policy and Practice (30) 
  • SA4M1 Politics of Social Policy: Welfare and Work in Comparative Perspective (15)
  • SA4M6 Economic Analysis for Health Policy (30)
  • SA4N3 Social Policy and Global Health (30)
  • SA4N4 Financing Health Care: Comparative Perspectives (30)
  • SA4N5 Global Ageing (30)
  • SA4N6 Principles of Modern Epidemiology (30)
  • SA4N7 Economics of Health and Wellbeing
  • SA4N8 Riots, Disorder and Urban Violence (30)
  • SA4P1 Evidence Review and Synthesis (30)
  • SA4X6 Welfare Analysis and Measurement (45)

Dissertation courses

For Dissertation course guides, please refer to the LSE Calendar

  • SA465 Criminal Justice Policy - Long Essay
  • SA466 Dissertation - European and Comparative Social Policy
  • SA470 NGOs and Development Dissertation
  • SA471 Dissertation- Social Policy and Planning
  • SA472 Dissertation- Social Policy and Development
  • SA499 Dissertation: Population and Development
  • SA4A6 Dissertation: MSc International Health Policy and MSc International Health Policy (Health Economics)
  • SA4B3 Dissertation: Health, Population and Society
  • SA4C1 Long Essay and the Research Process
  • SA4E3 Dissertation in Health Economics, Policy and Management
  • SA4J3 Dissertation in Global Health
  • SA4G9 Dissertation for MSc Health Policy, Planning and Financing
  • SA4M5E Dissertation in Behavioural Science
  • SA4N2E Dissertation in HEOMCS

Executive MSc courses only

For Executive MSc course guides, please refer to the LSE Calendar

  • SA4E1 Health Administration and Management 
  • SA4E2 Resource Allocation and Cost-effectiveness Analysis 
  • SA4F2 Principles of Evidence-Based Medicine and Clinical Trials 
  • SA4G1 Financing Health Care 
  • SA4G2 Health Economics 
  • SA4G3 Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy 
  • SA4G4 Statistical Methods in Health Care Economic Evaluation 
  • SA4G5 Valuing Health and Welfare 
  • SA4G6 Measuring Health System Performance 
  • SA4K7 Health Care Negotiations 
  • SA4K8 Health Care Quality Management 
  • SA4K9 Advanced Health Economics 
  • SA4M2E Behavioural Science and Policy
  • SA4M3E Research Methods in Behavioural Science
  • SA4M4E Policy Appraisal and Impact Assessment
  • SA4M6E Economic Analysis for Health Policy
  • SA4M7E Quality and Outcomes in Cardiovascular Sciences
  • SA4M8E Economic Evlaution in Health Care
  • SA4M9E Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
  • SA4N1E Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Prevention