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Visiting research students

Visiting Research Student (VRS) status at LSE allows research students at other universities to spend up to one academic session at the School at the discretion of the department concerned. A supervisor is assigned to every VRS, and you can take up to four full unit taught courses. Examinations are optional, and grades do not contribute towards a degree or diploma. A full transcript of studies can be produced at the end of the period of study. Other graduate students may also seek registration as a VRS to take graduate level courses without the commitment of registering for a degree programme.

Registration as a visiting research student in the Department of Social Policy is for those who do not wish to proceed to a higher degree, but want to pursue their own research with a supervisor who can support them in this research. Visiting research students can also be research and doctoral students registered at overseas universities wishing to undertake some aspect of their research in the UK. Certain seminars and classes can be attended subject to the advice and approval of the supervisor and teachers concerned.

The application procedure is to apply for the MPhil/PhD (as detailed in the Graduate Prospectus|) but to use the application code for visiting status - L4EA - Visiting Research Student in Social Policy. You should provide, as part of your application, a written proposal of no more than 4,000 words, which gives details of the particular issue/problem to be addressed; relevant literature and previous research in the field; the theoretical/conceptual framework to be adopted; the proposed research question(s); and the planned research methods to answer the research question(s).  This will enable the Department to make an informed decision about the proposal and, equally important, to establish if there are appropriate supervisors for the planned research. Staff cannot be expected to provide feedback on proposals and students should submit a proposal that fully covers the elements required.

We advise you to check the fees website| from January onwards for final details of fees for the upcoming academic year.

Research degree students who have been registered and paying fees for a year longer than the required minimum period pay a much reduced completion fee thereafter.

Contact details

Any further questions relating to admissions or to the programme itself should be directed to Professor Anne West through the Programme Administrator, Sarah Helias at s.helias@lse.ac.uk|.