Academic Staff working on Population issues at LSE:

Staff members in the Department of Social Policy


Dr Ernestina Coast

Dr Ernestina Coast:

Interests: sexual health; reproductive health; maternal health; demography of low income countries; mixed (quantitative and qualitative) methods. 
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Arjan Gjonca

Dr Arjan Gjonça:

Interests: determinants of mortality and epidemiological transition in developing countries; relationship between nutrition and health/mortality; interplay between tradition/values and development/ideas in shaping demographic behaviour; the sex imbalances at birth and female disadvantages in health and mortality in developing countries.
Dr Gjonça welcomes applications from students interested in the following areas: health and mortality transition in developing countries, demography of the Balkans and gender differences in the onset of disease and mortality. 
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Emily Grundy

Professor Emily Grundy:

Interests: Ageing, health and well-being; Life course influences on health; Family, household and social networks of older people; Intergenerational exhanges.
Professor Grundy particularly welcomes enquiries from students with interests in quantitative studies of ageing and health and students wanting to use data from the ONS Longitudinal Study.
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Dr Moshi Herman:

Interests: population and development, population health, political economy of development, social inequality. His current research, which has a regional emphasis on Africa, focuses on the relationship between structural/political-economic factors (such as neoliberalism, democratisation, conflict, political instability) and demographic outcomes (such as population health trends, health inequalities, life course outcomes).

Stephen Jenkins

Professor Stephen Jenkins:

Interests: links between socioeconomic and demographic processes and outcomes; quantitative methods for demographic analysis, especially analysis of longitudinal data.
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Tiziana Leone

Dr Tiziana Leone:

Interests: quantitative approach to the following areas: maternal mortality, health systems and reproductive health, women's health in low income countries, economic burden of maternal health care.
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Dr Grace Lordan

Dr Grace Lordan:

Interests: health economics; the economics of risky health behaviours; health and development economics; ethnicity and health outcomes
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Michael Murphy

Professor Mike Murphy:

Interests: demography of developed societies and demographic modelling.
Professor Murphy particularly welcomes enquiries from students with quantitative interests in these areas.
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Mikko Myrskyla

Professor Mikko Myrskylä:

Interests: population health, low and late fertility, and demographic forecasting.
Professor Myrskylä welcomes enquiries from students with strong quantitative skills and interest in population processes in general.
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Berkay Ozcan

Dr Berkay Ozcan:

Interests: relationship between demographic processes (e.g. marriage, divorce, fertility) and economic outcomes (e.g. savings/wealth, labor supply, unemployment, entrepreneurship, etc).
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Professor Lucinda Platt:

Interests: immigration and ethnicity.
Professor Platt welcomes students with interests in quantitative, particularly longitudinal, analysis of ethnic and immigrant inequalities and integration.
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Dr Isaac Sasson

Dr Isaac Sasson:

Interests: Social determinants of health; educational disparities in adult mortality; stratification and the life course; statistical methods.
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Staff members in other Departments

Sylvia Chant

Professor Sylvia Chant:

Professor of Development Geography, Department of Geography and Environment
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Tim Dyson

Professor Tim Dyson:

Professor of Population Studies, Department of International Development, Department of Social Policy
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Ursula Henz

Dr Ursula Henz:

Associate Professor  in Social Research Methods, Department of Sociology
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Naila Kabeer

Professor Naila Kabeer:

Professor of Gender and Development, Gender Institute
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Chris Langford

Mr Chris Langford:

Emeritus Reader in Demography, Department of Social Policy
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Wendy Sigle Rushton

Professor Wendy Sigle:

Associate, Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE), Reader in Gender and Family Studies, Gender Institute
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Professor Fiona Steele 

Professor Fiona Steele:

Professor in Statistics, Department of Statistics
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