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Alburez Gutiérrez, Diego

Research topic: Beyond excess mortality: The social and demographic life of a rural community after a war of massacres.

Supervisors:  Dr Arjan Gjonca, Dr Tiziana Leone

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Antonella Bancalari Valderrama

Bancalari Valderrama, Antonella

Research topic: Impact of WASH interventions in low-income settings

Supervisors: Dr Berkay Ozcan, Dr Joan Costa-i-Font

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Batyra, Ewa

Research topic:  Fertility and contraceptive use in Latin America.

Supervisors:  Dr Tiziana Leone, Professor Mikko Myrskyla

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Ginevra Floridi

Floridi, Ginevra

Research topic: Productive ageing and intergenerational support in familialistic welfare regimes: A study of Italy and South Korea

Supervisors: Professor Emily Grundy, Dr Benjamin Lauderdale

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Lattof, Samantha

Research topic: Migration and Reproductive Health among Kayayei in Ghana.

Supervisors:  Dr Ernestina Coast,  Dr Tiziana Leone


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Mariani, Elena

Research topic: Job satisfaction and family context.

Supervisors:  Professor Stephen Jenkins, Dr Berkay Ozcan

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Menozzi Ammerman, Clare

Research topic:  Performance based contracting as a policy tool for promoting timely exits from out-of-home care: A comparative analysis.

Supervisors: Professor Wendy Sigle-Rushton, Professor Anne West

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Nandagiri, Rishita

Research topic: Understanding Abortion and Abortion-Related Decision-Making in India: A Mixed Methods Study

Supervisors: Dr Ernestina Coast, Dr Tiziana Leone

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Palfreyman, Alexis D.

Research topic: Deliberate self-harm and suicide in women of reproductive age in low income settings.
Supervisors: Dr Ernestina Coast, Dr Arjan Gjonca



Shannon, Melissa

Research topic: The Politics of Population Change: How do Attitudes Towards Immigrants Influence Support for Public Entitlement  Programmes and for Restrictionist Policies in the U.S.? 

Supervisors:  Dr Arjan Gjonca,  Dr Dominik Hangartner

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Temporin, Filippo

Research topic: The effects of poverty and inequality on child mortality: the case of Bolivia.

Supervisors: Dr Arjan Gjonca, Professor Fiona Steele

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Vaisanen, Heini

Research topic : A life course perspective to Abortion in Finland.

Supervisors: Professor Mike Murphy, Dr Tiziana Leone


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Milo Vandemoortele

Vandemoortele, Milagros (Milo)

Research topic : Inequality in Attainment: Parental Resources and Children’s Cognitive Development in Four Low and Middle Income Countries.

Supervisor: Professor Stephen Jenkins


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