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LSE Population Seminar Series

Thursday 19th November

The gravity model in spatial demography: the successful comeback of an ageing superstar

Speaker: Professor Jacques Poot (University of London and University of Waikato)
KSW 1.04

Wednesday 25th November

The role of commitment and the changing sequence of marriage, cohabitation and childbearing in the UK

Speaker: Prof Ann Berrington, Southampton
KSW 1.04


Research Highlights

Research Highlights: Zambia urged to tackle the stigma of abortion and unwanted pregnancies

Despite safe abortions being legal in a very wide number of circumstances since 1972, women in Zambia continue to take unnecessary risks to end unwanted pregnancies.

A new study by LSE researchers Dr Ernestina CoastDr Emily Freeman and Dr Tiziana Leone, along with colleagues from the University of Zambia and Kings College London, sheds some light on this paradox.

Research Funding News

Research Funding News

Dr Ernestina Coast and Dr Emily Freeman have been awarded £30,000 by the LSE RIIF to study unsafe abortion in rural Zambia and practices of conscientious objection by medical practitioners.

This successful funding bid develops out of an on-going research project into unsafe abortion in Zambia funded by ESRC-DFID.

PAA Annual Meeting 2015

Members of Department presented research at this year's  Population Association of America's Annual Meeting 2015

The Population Association of America (PAA) is a non-profit, professional organisation that promotes research on population issues. The PAA Annual Meeting is the largest annual research conference on population, with hundreds of presentation and posters on population research.

Nine members of the Department of Social Policy presented their research at this year's  Annual Meeting in San Diego, California. They included Dr Barclay, Ms Batyra, Dr Coast, Dr Goisis, Professor Grundy, Dr Herman, Ms Mariani, Professor Myrskyla and Ms Vaisanen. 


Research Unit LaunchALPHA- Ageing, Lifecourse and Population Health Analysis

The LSE ALPHA research unit undertakes and promotes quantitative research on lifecourse, socio-economic and intergenerational influences on individual and population health using a range of large scale, predominantly longitudinal datasets.  

LSE ALPHA brings together researchers working on a number of projects, including three research programmes funded by the European Research Council.

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