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What can demography tell us about democracy?

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What can demography tell us about democracy?

The global population is ageing and many experts predict this may have some negative consequences for society. But new research suggests global demographic transition can also have important positive consequences, including the promotion and development of democracy. Read more here



Sam Lattof Poster

Prize for Sam Lattof, PhD student

Sam Lattof, a PhD student in the Department of Social Policy, was awarded the joint top prize for her poster “Mothers on the move” at the 2016 British Society for Population Studies Annual Conference, which was held 12-14 September, at the University of Winchester.



Ageing Population

Migration does not slow rate of ageing population

Different levels of migration have not led to different rates of population ageing within the UK population, new research from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) has found.

Professor Michael Murphy, author of the paper, says: “Changing population age structure in the long term is more complicated than simply opening our borders to more migrants in the hope of increasing the proportion of working-age people.




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