MPhil/ PhD

 Supervisors' interests can be found by looking at the Mannheim staff profiles.

Prospective PhD applicants

The Mannheim centre is akin to a 'virtual' research centre, in the sense that we are not a centrally based centre but an interdisciplinary community of members with a research interest in Criminology, scattered across different departments within the University.

 It is not possible to undertake a PhD in 'Criminology' or 'Criminal Justice' at the Mannheim Centre or at the LSE as such (like many other institutions we do not have a Criminology Department as such in the physical sense).

Our Criminology students tend to be registered for the MPhil/PhD in either the Department of Law, the Department of Methodology, the Department of Sociology or the Department of Social Policy. The interdisciplinary community of criminologists that form the Mannheim Centre for Criminology come together at weekly and monthly research seminars.

In order to undertake your PhD you will need to identify and make contact with an appropriate potential supervisor for your intended PhD research (please consult the staff pages on our website), and the appropriate Department in which to undertake it. You should meet with the appropriate expert to supervise your research in advance of applying to discuss your ideas and their availability to supervise you.

Information regarding application procedures, deadlines, funding opportunities and other advice about application procedures is available from the graduate admissions department.

You should contact Graduate Admissions or the Programme Administrator within your preferred discipline (Social Policy, Methodology, Sociology or Law) for information on postgraduate research opportunities at LSE.

-   MPhil/PhD Social Policy Programme Administrator:
Contact  Sarah Helias tel: 0207 955 7375

-   MPhil / PhD Methodology Programme Administrator: 
Contact Gillian Urquhart, tel: 020 7955 7639

-   MPhil / PhD Sociology Programme Administrator:
Contact Kalynka Bellmantel: 0207 955 7708

-   MPhil / PhD Law Programme Administrator:
Contact Rachel Yarhamtel: 0207 955 7683