Tim Newburn: crime and criminal justice policy

Second edition (Longman Criminology Series, 2003).

Tim Newburn: crime and criminal justice policy

Crime and Criminal Justice Policy, second edition, is a comprehensive introduction to the history of criminal justice and penal policy in Britain. From the emergence of the modern penal system to the most recent developments, this book examines the sources and nature of change and asks what the future holds for criminal justice policy. It has quickly established itself as a thorough and user-friendly introduction to the field.

The book covers not just sentencing, probation and prison services but also policing, youth justice, crime prevention and the issues surrounding the treatment of victims by the criminal justice system.

This new edition provides a substantial update and revision, and records the major changes in criminal justice policy and legislation over the last decade, particularly those introduced by the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999, and the Police Reform Act 2002. There is also a new chapter on crime prevention and community safety. The new edition takes an extended and critical look at criminal justice and penal policy under New Labour.

Crime and Criminal Justice Policy is a key text for all undergraduate and postgraduate students of criminology and criminal justice, social policy, sociology, criminal law, social work and youth work. It has also proved an invaluable reference for probation officers, police officers, social workers, youth workers, and other professionals and volunteers working in criminal justice.