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John Braithwaite, Nicola Lacey, Christine Parker and Colin Scott, eds: Regulating Law

(Oxford University Press, 2004)

Regulating law

To date, regulatory scholarship has mainly been applied to specific legislative programs and/ or agencies for the social and economic regulation of business. In this volume, a cast of internationally renowned legal scholars each apply a 'regulatory perspective' to their own area of law. The volume examines the collision of regulation by law with regulation by other means and provides an innovative regulatory perspective for the whole of law.


  • Christine Parker, Colin Scott, Nicola Lacey, and John Braithwaite: Introduction
  1. Hugh Collins: Regulating contract law
  2. Julia Black: Law and regulation: the case of finance
  3. Angus Corbett and Stephen Bottomley: Regulating corporate governance
  4. John Dewar: Regulating families
  5. Richard Johnstone and Richard Mitchell: Regulating work
  6. Jane Stapleton: Regulating torts
  7. Nicola Lacey: Criminalization as regulation: the role of criminal law
  8. Peter Drahos: Regulating property: problems of efficiency and regulatory capture
  9. Imelda Maher: Regulating competition
  10. Peter Cane: Administrative law as regulation
  11. Colin Scott: Regulating constitutions
  12. Hilary Charlesworth and Christine Chinkin: Regulatory frameworks in international law
  13. Stephen Bottomley and Angus Corbett: Regulating corporate governance
  14. John Braithwaite and Christine Parker: Conclusion

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