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Comparative Criminal Justice and Globalization 

Comparative Criminal Justice and Globalization
David Nelken (ed.) (Ashgate : 2011)

Understanding Suicide
Understanding Suicide: A Sociological Autopsy
Ben Fincham, Susanne Langer, Jonathan Scourfield and Michael Shiner (Palgrave Macmillan : 2011)

Policing, Popular Culture and Political Economy
Policing, Popular Culture and Political Economy : Towards a Social Democratic Criminology
Robert Reiner
(Ashgate 2011)

Understanding Deviance - cover



Understanding Deviance : A Guide to the Sociology of Crime and Rule-Breaking  (Sixth Edition)
David Downes and Paul Rock  (OUP : 2011)

Acuña-Rivera, Marcela; Uzzell, David; Brown, Jennifer. (2011) Perceptions of disorder, risk and safety: The method and framing effect/Percepción de desorden, riesgo y seguridad: la influencia del método Psyecology: Revista Bilingüe de Psicología Ambiental - Bilingual Journal of Environmental Psychology, 2, ( 2) , pp. 167-177.

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The eternal recurrence of crime and control

The Eternal Recurrence of Crime and Control: Essays in Honour of Paul Rock
Edited by David Downes, Dick Hobbs, and Tim Newburn (OUP :  2010)

The Criminal Process - cover

The Criminal Process
Andrew Ashworth and Mike Redmayne (4th ed. OUP : 2010)

Comparative Criminal Justice

Comparative Criminal Justice
by David Nelken (Sage : 2010)

Mental Health and Crime

Mental Health and Crime
by Jill Peay (Routledge : 2010)

The Governance of Policing and Security - cover

The Governance of Policing and Security : Ironies, Myths and Paradoxes
by Bob Hoogenboom (Macmillan : 2010)

Key Readings in Criminology

Key Readings in Criminology
edited by Tim Newburn. (Willan Publishing : 2009)

Forensic Psychology

The Cambridge Handbook of Forensic Psychology
edited by Jennifer M. Brown and Elizabeth A. Campbell (Cambridge University Press: 2010)


Rape : Challenging contemporary thinking
edited by Miranda Horvath and Jennifer M. Brown (Willan Publishing : 2010)

The Politics of the Police

The Politics of the Police (4th ed.)
by Robert Reiner (Oxford University Press : 2010)



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