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Families and Children Research Group

The Families and Children Research Group in the Department of Social Policy brings together a number of members of staff with a wide range of disciplinary perspectives and research interests:

  • those working in the field of social security, with a special interest in the material welfare of children and the grave problem of child poverty in increasingly consumerist societies
    (Professor David Piachaud)
  • those researching the development of family policies in EU15, with a focus on care policies and gender inequalities
    (Professor Jane Lewis)
  • those interested in the rights of children and in professional practice in respect of children
    (Dr Eileen Munro)
  • those who work on population issues in developed and developing countries, focusing on fertility decision-making, partnering and the role of kin
    (Dr Ernestina Coast, Professor Mike Murphy, Dr Rebecca Sear, Dr Wendy Sigle-Rushton)
  • those working on education issues and in particular the role that parents play in their children's learning and schooling
    (Dr Phillip Noden, Dr Jonathan Roberts, Professor Anne West)