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Ed Barnett - PhD Candidate


Ed’s interest is in education in developing countries, in particular on decentralisation and quality. Ed has significant experience of working and research in sub-Saharan Africa, including in Cameroon, Malawi, Uganda and South Africa. Ed is a part-time PhD candidate researching decentralisation and education quality in Malawi. He is also an education adviser at the Department for International Development.
Audrey Hind  - Programmer and Computer Analyst

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Dr Phillip Noden - Research Fellow

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Philip Noden has worked on numerous research projects. These include policy evaluations commissioned by central government (Specialist Schools, Excellence in Cities, Two Year Key Stage 3, UK Resilience Project). His research has also focused on education funding, attainment gaps between advantaged and disadvantaged schools and educational admissions to secondary schools and higher education institutions.
Professor Anne West - Professor of Education Policy

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Anne West is interested in equity issues in relation to education, including market-oriented reforms, particularly school admissions, the financing of school-based education and higher education.