About the BSPS conference

The BSPS conference is held in September. Each year the venue changes, moving around the country. In 2007, it was held at the University of St. Andrew's, and in 2008 it will be held at the University of Manchester.

The 2008 call for papers will be issued in January 2008.

Why go

The conference is an opportunity to present work in front of a knowledgeable but friendly audience or just come along and soak up the atmosphere.

You can present either an oral presentation (with results) or a poster presentation.

Bursaries are available for postgraduate student members who present at the conference. Contact the BSPS Secretariat for more details.

It's a great place to meet people - not just other postgraduates, but you can build up contacts with academics throughout the country.

The BSPS also holds several subject specific day meetings during the year. If they are in your subject area they are worth a visit.