Popfest 2016: call for abstracts

Popfest 2016 - the 24th annual conference for postgraduate students

4 - 6 July 2016

University of Manchester, the Humanities, Bridgeford Street Building, Manchester M15 6FH 

PopFest is an annual Population Studies conference for postgraduate students organised by fellow postgraduates. It provides an excellent opportunity to bring together researchers from various Social Science disciplines such as Demography, Human Geography, Urban Planning, Sociology, Social Anthropology, Social Statistics, Politics and other related fields. PopFest not only attracts very talented researchers from across the UK but also from around Europe making it a successful platform for friendly, international networking. 


PopFest has been successfully organised by various British universities in conjunction with the British Society for Population Studies (BSPS) for the past 23 years. In 2016, the University of Manchester will be hosting the event for the first time. Located in the heart of the North West region of England with excellent transport links (road, rail and air), the University of Manchester provides an excellent opportunity to bring together talented researchers from across the UK and Europe. 


Abstracts for both oral presentations and poster sessions are welcome. Theoretical as well as empirical papers can include—but are not limited to—the following topics:

  • Migration/mobility
  • Childhood and youth
  • Health and mortality
  • Ethnicity and religion
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Small area estimation and survey methodology
  • Data management and methodological approaches in population studies
  • Life course
  • Ageing
  • Population policies
  • Household and family demography
  • Fertility, contraception, sexual and reproductive behaviour
  • Urban and landscape planning 

Paper proposals should include a title and an abstract length of maximum 300 words. In order to apply, please send it to  popfest.2016@manchester.ac.uk including “PopFest 2016 poster/presentation (choose one) abstract” in the subject header by Thursday, March 31 2016.  You will be notified regarding the acceptance by Friday, May 6 2016.  All presentations will be 15 minutes with 5 minutes for questions. 

A limited number of student bursaries will be available. To be considered for a student bursary, please add an extra 150 words below your abstract outlining the reason(s) for your bursary application. 

Early bird registration ends on Friday, May 20 2016, and standard registration ends Friday, June 17 2016

For further details visit our webpage http://www.cmist.manchester.ac.uk/connect/events/popfest-2016/ or Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PopFest2016/

If you have any queries, please email: popfest.2016@manchester.ac.uk


POPFEST is a population studies conference organised by postgraduates for postgraduates with the aim of providing a relaxed, supportive environment for students to come together to present work and discuss ideas. This is a great opportunity to meet other students studying in the same area, practice your presentation skills and get some useful feedback from your peers.

The conference provides a forum for postgraduate students studying any aspect of population in disciplines including Social Sciences, Demography, Human Geography, Social Anthropology, Social Statistics, Health, Development, Social Policy and other related fields. Presenters have an excellent opportunity to discuss their work in front of their peers and have a chance to get feedback and ideas from fellow researchers. Those not wishing to present can get an idea of the sort of research being conducted by their peers and make valuable contacts for the future.

POPFEST is an ideal spring-board for all postgraduates regardless of their stage of research providing an opportunity to practice ones presentation skills, whether as a paper or poster display, before facing more demanding academic conferences.

PopFest has survived over the past 24 years due to the support and good will of the postgraduate community and BSPS & other population-related groups. For PopFest to continue this support and enthusiasm is essential. The BSPS is very keen to ensure the development of postgraduate population research through PopFest and has confirmed its continuing support to the conference.