Ridhi Kashyap is a second-year doctoral student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Oxford and the new BSPS postgraduate student rep. She attends BSPS Council meetings to represent the views of BSPS student members. She is interested in the fertility transition in contexts with strong son preference, the demographic causes and implications of sex ratio at birth and child sex ratio imbalances, and agent-based modelling and computational methods in demography. 

Ridhi is happy to hear ideas on how the BSPS can better engage with postgraduate student concerns. If you have suggestions for events, day meetings or socials that the BSPS could organise and student members could all benefit from, please be in touch at:

Ridhi is responsible for the BSPS Student Members’ Facebook group which aims at initiating more engagement between student members and providing a forum for anyone to bring issues forward. Have you already joined the group?! If not, click on the link below and send a request to join the group.




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