Housing Projections and Estimates - 26 January 2007

City Hall, The Queen's Walk, London SE1 2AA.

The meeting focused on the Department for Communities and Local Government 2003-based household projections, the first to incorporate results from the 2001 Census. Presentations covered the details of the construction of the new projection; differences in methodology from the 1996-based projections and key areas of change. Experienced users offered views on how these projections are being used in local planning. There was an opportunity to hear DCLG plans for future projections and the development of a projections service as well as proposals for improving the annual estimation of households using the Integrated Household Survey.

Report of the meeting

Speakers were:

Dave King - Anglia Ruskin University
Alan Holmans - Cambridge University
Bob Garland - DCLG
Robin Edwards - Hampshire County Council
Esther Roughsedge - GRO-Scotland

Presentations from the meeting can now be accessed from the hyperlink in the speakers' names above. Copyright resides with the authors, to whom permission to reproduce or quote should be addressed. Contact details from pic@lse.ac.uk if required.