ONS sessions

World café: Integrated census and administrative data outputs

Monday 12 September 1.30pm 

Co-chaired by: Meghan Elkin, Justine McNally, Claire Pereira, ONS 

One of the main objectives of ONS Census Transformation Programme is to make greater use of administrative data in enhancing the range and quality of outputs from the 2021 Census. A separate project – the Admin Data Census – is aspiring to replicate as many of the census outputs as possible using administrative data and surveys. 

Attendees will join three small discussions on a framework for producing census outputs on the characteristics of the population using administrative data, and plans for putting this into practice using income and household statistical outputs as case studies. 

A framework for producing characteristics – ONS will present the framework being developed to produce admin data census outputs on the characteristics of the population and housing. The session will discuss the data sources available, ask for help in identifying further sources and thinking about how these sources can be used to produce estimates to meet user information needs. It will also touch on how administrative data could be used to enhance outputs from the 2021 Census using a similar framework. 

Measuring income from admin data - ONS will present plans for publishing administrative data based research outputs on income in late 2016. ONS will present data availability, how this can currently be used and plans to progress this in the future. The session will discuss user requirements for income outputs and seek opinions on how to present outputs to make them accessible to users. 

Measuring households from admin data – ONS will present research progress to date including a range of scenarios illustrating which household level information is or could be available using administrative data. The session will discuss which information is most important and why from a user perspective. 


Measuring the impact of demographic statistics and research: how and why

Tuesday 13 September 11.00am 

Co-chaired by: Jonathan Wroth-Smith, Head of Admin. Data Delivery, Admin. Data Division, ONS and Richard Pereira, Head of Population Analysis, Population Statistics Division, ONS 

Panel: Professor Jane Falkingham, Director of ESRC Centre for Population Change and BSPS President; Glenn Everett, Director for Public Policy Analysis, ONS; and Mark Fransham, Oxford City Council 

Understanding the population and how it is changing is fundamentally important to our understanding of society and the economy. Indeed demography is so fundamental that measuring the impact of research and statistics in the field should be easy. Yet as the funding for production/analysis of demographic statistics comes under ever increasing scrutiny it becomes all the more important to fully understand impact. The session recognises measuring impact as a shared interest across all those who attend the BSPS conference. Panel members will be invited from different sectors represented at the conference (academia, central and local government). The panel will be asked to provide their perspective on why impact measurement matters and how they go about it. It is hoped that the session will provide an opportunity to learn from what works in different sectors. After a short 15 minute perspective from each panel member, delegates will be invited to question the panel.