Training session material

A training session, led by Piers Elias, Tees Valley Unlimited and Pia Wohland from Newcastle University, Institute for Ageing and Health was held at the 2012 BSPS Conference in Nottingham. It was aimed at local authority demographers, though there were delegates from the Health Service and Academia. The spreadsheets from this training session can be accessed below.

The 90 minute session was split into two halves. Pia Wohland took attendees through the process of constructing Health Expectancies using standard techniques and explained the data that sits behind the calculations. The template below allows Local Authorities to replace data with their own information to quickly create Health Expectancies ( in this case disability free, but it can be adapted to other health expectancies) for their area.

BSPS 2012 Health Expectancy Calculation Template - LA Healthy Life Expectancy

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The second half was an update of the previous year’s session but expanded on techniques and methods that are currently in use within Local Authorities with the aim of helping demographers understand their data. Sex ratios and Population pyramids were looked at and a template is available here to download and populate with your own data, along with some guidance when interpreting the data.

BSPS Current Sex Ratios Population Pyramid_Template - Local Authority Techniques Spreadsheet: LA Sex Ratios and Population Pyramids

A second spreadsheet, containing useful links to ONS and Central Government web-sites has also been updated and is available to download here. It also contains details of how some Local Authorities run their population and household estimates and projections with the hope that others will add to it to form an up-to-date repository of techniques and links.

 BSPS Current LA Demography Reference Sheet - Local Authority Links and Methodology Spreadsheet: LA Demography Reference sheet

If you wish to add your methodology to the spreadsheet, or find any additional useful links, that you are happy to share, please send the details, using the template to