BSPS Conference 2006

was held at the University of Southampton from 18-20 September 2006, with a plenary theme of Global Migration Trends

Plenary speakers were Professor Juha Alho (University of Joensuu, Finland), Professor William Clark (University of California at Los Angeles), Professor John Salt (University College London.)  

Presentations and papers from the Conference which are posted to the website can be accessed from the hyperlink in the title line of the abstract. Abstracts can be accessed from the table on the right. All papers and presentations are copyright the author(s), from whom any further information should be requested.

BSPS acknowledges the generous support of the
Wellcome Trust and the Galton Institute.

Thanks also to the School of Social Science and the Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute (S3RI) at the University of Southampton, for sponsoring the reception.