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British Society for Population Studies

The British Society for Population Studies (BSPS) is a non-profitable society of persons with a scientific interest in the study of human populations. BSPS was founded in 1973, but originated in the 1960s.

Its main objectives are to further the scientific study of biological, economic, historical, medical, social and other disciplines connected with human populations and to contribute to the public awareness of them. BSPS provides a forum for discussion of these issues and is a vehicle for the interchange of ideas. It provides facilities for study and research and for the exchange and dissemination of information.

In order to fulfil its objectives, BSPS organises various events:  half-day and day meetings, occasional workshops and an annual conference. BSPS produces a newsletter at least three times a year.

Address: British Society for Population Studies, PS201, London School of Economics, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE. Telephone: 020 7955 7666. Fax: 020 7955 6831. Email: pic@lse.ac.uk





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