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Debra Ogden

Department Deputy Manager


Student representatives 2014/15


Year 1
Ruth Abraham: r.a.abraham@lse.ac.uk
Meghna Mohanka: m.mohanka@lse.ac.uk

Year 2
Patrese Foster: p.foster@lse.ac.uk
Bethany Kenny: b.kenny@lse.ac.uk

Year 3
Peter Carlyon: p.a.carlyon@lse.ac.uk
Sophie Stein: s.stein3@lse.ac.uk

General Course
Allie Rosenberg: a.g.rosenberg@lse.ac.uk
Undergraduate Students' Consultative Forum representatives 
Patrese Foster and Meghna Mohanka

Taught Graduate

Executive MSc Behavioural Science
Min Kim-Fitzgerald: m.s.kim3@lse.ac.uk

Executive MSc Health Economics, Policy and Management
Manoj Chevli: m.chevli@lse.ac.uk

MSc Criminal Justice Policy
Omar Begg: o.f.begg@lse.ac.uk
Rosie Melville: r.melville@lse.ac.uk

MSc Health Policy, Planning and Financing
Anuoluwapo Martins: a.o.martins@lse.ac.uk
Anna Rasmussen: a.i.rasmussen@lse.ac.uk
Caroline Wade: c.p.wade@lse.ac.uk

MSc Health, Population and Society
Hunsun (Rachel) Min: h.min@lse.ac.uk
Joseph (Joe) Thomas: j.thomas4@lse.ac.uk

MSc International Health Policy
Dimitrios Kourouklis: d.kourouklis@lse.ac.uk

MSc International Health Policy (Health Economics)
Sarah Podlogar: s.podlogar@lse.ac.uk

MSc Population and Development
Gus Isherwood: g.e.isherwood@lse.ac.uk
Rianna Owusu: r.a.owusu@lse.ac.uk

MSc Social Policy and Development
Nick Goetschalckx: N.Goetschalckx@lse.ac.uk

MSc Social Policy and Development (Non-Governmental Organisations)
Hamna Ishaq: h.ishaq@lse.ac.uk

MSc Social Policy (European and Comparative Social Policy)
Konstantinos Alexandris-Polomarkakis: k.alexandris-polomarkakis@lse.ac.uk
Nesli Urhan: n.urhan@lse.ac.uk

MSc Social Policy and Planning
Martha Masoero: m.masoero@lse.ac.uk
Christine A Yip: c.a.yip@lse.ac.uk

MSc Social Policy (Research)
Philippa Mullins: p.s.mullins@lse.ac.uk
Martin Rogers: m.rogers1@lse.ac.uk

Taught Graduate Students' Consultative Forum representatives
Omar Begg and Rosie Melville 

Research programmes                                       

1st Year
Eileen Herden: e.herden@lse.ac.uk
Kate Summers: k.summers@lse.ac.uk

2nd Year
Kerris Cooper: k.m.cooper@lse.ac.uk

3rd Year
Liz Bailey: e.c.bailey@lse.ac.uk
Rikki Dean (MT only): r.j.dean@lse.ac.uk

Final Year
Rachel Deacon (MT only): r.e.deacon@lse.ac.uk

Research Students' Consultative Forum representatives 
Kerris Cooper and Kate Summers (joint)