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Debra Ogden

Department Deputy Manager


Student representatives 2015/16


Year 1
Netra Takwale: n.takwale@lse.ac.uk
Kennedy Williams: k.williams6@lse.ac.uk

Year 2
Chandra Bhandari: c.j.bhandari@lse.ac.uk
Michael Broad: m.g.broad@lse.ac.uk

Year 3
Valerie Brese: v.brese@lse.ac.uk
Rhea Dattani: r.dattani@lse.ac.uk

General Course
Lauren Meininger: l.m.meininger@lse.ac.uk

Undergraduate Students' Consultative Forum representatives
Rhea Dattani and Valeria Brese

Taught Graduate

Executive MSc Behavioural Science
John Owen: p.j.owen@lse.ac.uk

Executive MSc Health Economics, Policy and Management
Helen Hardwick: h.a.hardwick@lse.ac.uk

MSc Criminal Justice Policy
Andrea Coady: A.J.Coady@lse.ac.uk
Alice Moscicki: A Moscicki@lse.ac.uk

MSc Global Health
Victoria Adewole: v.a.adewole@lse.ac.uk

MSc Health Policy, Planning and Financing
Samuel Gonzalez Garcia: s.gonzalez-garcia@lse.ac.uk
Emma Wilson: e.wilson2@lse.ac.uk

MSc Health, Population and Society
Amelie Druenkler: a.druenkler@lse.ac.uk
Yasmin Edwards: y.o.edwards@lse.ac.uk

MSc International Health Policy
Yunica Jiang: y.jiang17@lse.ac.uk
Vlad Mixich: v.mixich@lse.ac.uk

MSc International Health Policy (Health Economics)
Rishub Keelara: r.keelara@lse.ac.uk
Inna Thalmann: i.n.thalmann@lse.ac.uk

MSc Population and Development
Hrishikesh Baskaran: h.baskaran@lse.ac.uk
Florence Naluyimba: f.naluyimba@lse.ac.uk

MSc Social Policy and Development
Florencia Alejandre: m.alejandre@lse.ac.uk

MSc Social Policy and Development (Non-Governmental Organisations)
Colin Shiner: c.e.shiner@lse.ac.uk

MSc Social Policy (European and Comparative Social Policy)
Ezgi Cestepe: e.cestepe@lse.ac.uk
John A Hewitt-Jones: j.a.hewitt-jones@lse.ac.uk

MSc Social Policy (Social Policy and Planning)
Pinyu Qian: p.qian1@lse.ac.uk
Janaya Walker:  j.c.walker@lse.ac.uk

MSc Social Policy (Research)
Lara Coghlan: L.R.Coghlan@lse.ac.uk
Rana Khazbak: R.Khazbak@lse.ac.uk

Taught Graduate Students' Consultative Forum representatives
Florence Naluyimba and Hrishkesh Baskaran

Research programmes                                       

1st Year
Marco Palillo: M.Palillo@lse.ac.uk
Julia Philipp: J.K.Philipp@lse.ac.uk

2nd Year
Eileen Herden: e.herden@lse.ac.uk
Kate Summers: k.summers@lse.ac.uk

3rd Year
Kerris Cooper: k.m.cooper@lse.ac.uk 

Final Year
MT only- Liz Bailey: e.c.bailey@lse.ac.uk

Research Students' Consultative Forum representatives
Kerris Cooper, Kate Summers and Eileen Herden