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Debra Ogden

Department Deputy Manager


Student representatives 2016/17


Year 1
Won Lee: w.i.lee@lse.ac.uk
Mishaal Shah: m.n.shah@lse.ac.uk
Nohamin Solomon: n.solomon@lse.ac.uk

Year 2
Justice Aina: j.aina@lse.ac.uk
Alma Ionescu: a.b.ionescu@lse.ac.uk
Alysha Kassam: a.kassam1@lse.ac.uk

Year 3
Sophie D'Arcangelo: e.s.darcangelo@lse.ac.uk
Habisat Mohammed-Haidi: h.mohammed-hadi@lse.ac.uk
Remya Nair: r.nair4@lse.ac.uk
Amy Timms: a.l.timms@lse.ac.uk

General Course
Carissa Kasim: c.kasim@lse.ac.uk

Undergraduate Students' Consultative Forum representatives
Sophie D'Arcangelo: e.s.darcangelo@lse.ac.uk
Amy Timms: a.l.timms@lse.ac.uk


Taught Graduate

MSc Criminal Justice Policy
Betty Leung: e.leung2@lse.ac.uk
Vanessa Lyrio-Boechat-Alves: v.lyrio-boechat-alves@lse.ac.uk


MSc Global Health
Victoria Adewole: v.a.adewole@lse.ac.uk
Annie Syntosi: A.A.Syntosi@lse.ac.uk
Andie Taylor: A.Taylor9@lse.ac.uk

MSc Health Policy, Planning and Financing
Melody Qiu:  M.Z.Qiu@lse.ac.uk
Aji-Mallen Sanneh:  A.Sanneh@lse.ac.uk


MSc Health, Population and Society
Evan Galbraith: E.Galbraith@lse.ac.uk
Karolina Kujawa: K.M.Kujawa@lse.ac.uk

MSc International Health Policy
Eleftherios Maniatis: E.Maniatis@lse.ac.uk
Sonja Pierzchalski: S.Pierzchalski@lse.ac.uk


MSc International Health Policy (Health Economics)
Nick Lyris: N.Lyris@lse.ac.uk
Shivam Shah: S.Shah67@lse.ac.uk

MSc Population and Development
Samantha Jorgensen: S.J.Jorgensen@lse.ac.uk
Rita McIntyre: R.M.McIntyre@lse.ac.uk

MSc Social Policy and Development
Astrid Aune: a.m.aune@lse.ac.uk

MSc Social Policy and Development (Non-Governmental Organisations)
Victoria Basma: v.basma@lse.ac.uk

MSc Social Policy (European and Comparative Social Policy)
Paul Roger Frederic Montjotin: p.r.montjotin@lse.ac.uk
Ruth Hannah Verma: r.h.verma@lse.ac.uk

MSc Social Policy (Social Policy and Planning)
Polly Bass: p.bass@lse.ac.uk
Camille May: c.may@lse.ac.uk


MSc Social Policy (Research)
Donovan Ramcharan: d.ramcharan@lse.ac.uk
Loma Stevenson: l.stevenson1@lse.ac.uk


Taught Graduate Students' Consultative Forum representatives
Main: Samantha Jorgensen: s.j.jorgensen@lse.ac.uk
Deputy: Victoria Basma: v.basma@lse.ac.uk


Research programmes                                       

1st Year
Antonella Bancalari: A.Bancalari@lse.ac.uk
Max Salcher: M.Salcher@lse.ac.uk

2nd Year
Ginevra Floridi: G.Floridi@lse.ac.uk
Julia Philipp: J.K.Philipp@lse.ac.uk

3rd Year
Eileen Alexander: E.A.Alexander@lse.ac.uk
Kate Summers: K.Summers@lse.ac.uk

Final Year
Kate Laffan: K.M.Laffan@lse.ac.uk

Research Students' Consultative Forum representatives
Eileen Alexander and Kate Summers