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Student representatives 2013/14


Year 1/General Course
Rhea Dattani: r.dattani@lse.ac.uk|
Simone Yi Ying Lim: s.y.lim2@lse.ac.uk|

Year 2
Katherine Mitchell: k.r.mitchell@lse.ac.uk|
Ishita Khanna: i.khanna@lse.ac.uk|

Year 3
Mala Bhanderi:  m.bhanderi@lse.ac.uk|
Ella O'Neil: e.g.o’neil@lse.ac.uk|
Undergraduate Students' Consultative Forum representatives 
Josh Oluwafemi and Ella O’Neil (joint)

Taught Graduate

MSc Criminal Justice Policy
Limara Malouangout: l.n.malouangout@lse.ac.uk|
Laura Menachemson: l.menachemson@lse.ac.uk

MSc Health Economics, Policy and Management
Manoj Chevli: m.chevli@lse.ac.uk|
Rene Schuler: r.a.schuler@lse.ac.uk|

MSc Health Policy, Planning and Financing
Nawal Baabad: n.a.baabbad@lse.ac.uk|
Erik Blutinger: e.blutinger@lse.ac.uk|
Lauren Crosby: l.crosby@lse.ac.uk|
Faizal Raghavji: f.raghavji@lse.ac.uk|

MSc Health, Population and Society
Patricia De Lara: p.de-lara@lse.ac.uk|
Zhehang Deng: z.deng2@lse.ac.uk|

MSc International Health Policy
Sabriya Karim: s.karim1@lse.ac.uk|
Rebecca Martin: r.l.martin1@lse.ac.uk|

MSc International Health Policy (Health Economics)
Nicholas Bizos: n.g.bizos@lse.ac.uk|
Kelly (Qiao) Qu: q.qu@lse.ac.uk|

MSc Social Policy and Development (Non-Governmental Organisations)
Katherine Wiley: k.wiley@lse.ac.uk|

MSc Population and Development
Diogo Amaro:D.Amaro-De-Paula1@lse.ac.uk|
Kristyn Manoukian: K.Manoukian@lse.ac.uk|

MSc Social Policy and Development
Emily Gilfillan: e.a.gilfillan@lse.ac.uk|

MSc Social Policy (European and Comparative Social Policy)
Joanna Popis: j.popis@lse.ac.uk|
Alina Leimbach: a.i.leimbach@lse.ac.uk|

MSc Social Policy and Planning
Faye Mooney: f.e.mooney@lse.ac.uk|
Lucy Parker: l.c.parker@lse.ac.uk|

MSc Social Policy (Research)
Laura Devaney: L.Devaney@lse.ac.uk|
Rachel Dunn: R.F.Dunn@lse.ac.uk|

Taught Graduate Students' Consultative Forum representatives 
Patricia de Lara (main) and Kelly Qu (deputy)

Research programmes                                       

Elizabeth Bailey: e.c.bailey@lse.ac.uk
|Rachel Deacon: R.E.Deacon@lse.ac.uk|
Rikki Dean:r.j.dean@lse.ac.uk|
Sebastian Salas-Vega: S.Salas-Vega@lse.ac.uk|

Research Students' Consultative Forum representatives
Rachel Deacon and Rikki Dean (joint)