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The Department of Social Policy is the longest established in the UK and has received the highest possible rating in all Research Assessment Exercises carried out in the UK. In the last RAE in 2008 it led the field nationally with 50 per cent of its research recognised as world-leading, and 100 per cent ranked at international level. The Department prides itself in being able to offer teaching based on the highest quality empirical research in the field.
Professor Martin Knapp awarded Fellowship at King's College London

Professor Martin Knapp| (picture left with Paul McCrone) has been awarded a fellowship as an Honorary Professor of Health Economics at the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College London. More|


Social Policy Association launches new website.|

The Social Policy Association used the Sheffield 2014 conference to launch a brand new website, along with three short videos aimed at prospective students which consider, amongst other questions, "What is Social Policy".

Professor Anne Power

Rising prices, falling wages and welfare cuts- a recipe for debt in Newham.|

Households in one of the poorest boroughs in London face crippling debt and financial pressures despite a widespread desire to work and an aversion to high cost lenders, according to a new report from LSE.

Professor Anne Power| from the LSE Housing and Communities Unit, part of the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion |led the study.


Twins and short spaced births are linked to premature death among parents. Professor Emily Grundy| discusses the implications of raising children close in age.

Mothers of twins and parents who have children in quick succession have a greater risk of dying prematurely, new research from LSE shows.

The findings, published this month in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health|, suggest that the accumulated physical, emotional and financial stresses of raising children close in age could have long-term health implications. More|


'One of the stumbling blocks to curbing obesity has been the lack of political will'.  Dr Adam Oliver| discusses the policy battle to reduce the nation's expanding girth.

With obesity levels in the UK now the third highest in Western Europe, political leaders are struggling to find a solution to the nation’s expanding girth. Are nudge policies the way to go?

The latest findings on obesity published in the Lancet |should set off alarm bells worldwide. More than 2 billion people – nearly 30 per cent of the world’s population – are now considered overweight, according to the leading medical journal. More|

Dr Ernestina Coast

Dr Ernestina Coast will present findings of a systematic review on maternal and newborn health to the WHO in Geneva.

Dr Ernestina Coast|, a member of the Guideline Development Group for the World Health Organization's Technical Consultation on health promotion interventions for maternal and newborn health, will present in Geneva 15-17th July 2014. Dr Coast will present the findings of a systematic review, led by herself and involving a team from the LSE including Eleri Jones and Sam Lattof. The systematic review addresses the question "What interventions to provide culturally-appropriate skilled maternity care lead to an increase in use of skilled maternity care before, during and after birth?"

Dr Armine Ishkanian

Dr Armine Ishkanian at  International conference -
' United we stand? Alliances and conflicts between social democratic parties, trade unions, and social movements'

Dr Armine Ishkanian| was the keynote speaker at an international conference titled “United we stand? Alliances and conflicts between social democratic parties, trade unions, and social movements” hosted by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Berlin on 7 July. She presented findings from a Robert Bosch Stiftung funded research project titled Interpreting the Movements of 2011 – 2012.  The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, which was established in 1925,  is the largest and oldest of the German party-associated foundations and has offices and projects in over 100 countries. All conference delegates were given printed copies of the report, Reclaiming Democracy in the Square?  Interpreting the Movements of 2011-2012|, that Dr Ishkanian co-wrote with Marlies Glasius (University of Amsterdam).


Professor Ian Craig reappointed as a Visiting Professor in Practice in the Department of Social Policy extended for a further three years. 

Ian is an ex-local authority Director of Children's Services and Chief Schools Adjudicator for England. He is also a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Education. His main interests are in basic/compulsory education and in school systems and structures. He has worked extensively abroad over many years, recently assisted Prof Anne West in research in Scandinavia, and advised the Governments of Pakistan and Rwanda on teacher certification and development.

He is very willing to offer his time and expertise to LSE colleagues and can be contacted at i.craig1@lse.ac.uk|.


LSE ranked as top university in London

The first major university guide of the year has ranked LSE as the third best university in the UK and London’s leading institution, maintaining its excellent position from last year.

The Complete University Guide also places LSE in the top ten for 11 of the 12 subjects it offers, and it is once again rated as the top place in the UK to study Social Policy. More|

populationatlse logo

Population @ LSE Conference
Wednesday 24th September 2014

A one day event showcasing LSE's research on population issues around the world.

Time: 9.30-17.30
Venue: Shaw Library, 6th floor of the Old Building.

Programme: View the full programme| here (PDF)

Registration: This event is free but pre-registration is required. To register please visit Eventbrite|.


Creating an Impact: Social Care Research in Practice

Wednesday 26th November 2014

Time: 10:00 - 16:30
Venue: LSE

This conference, jointly hosted by the Personal Social Services Research Unit| at the LSE and the NIHR School for Social Care Research, will bring together learning and recommendations from just over two years of activity on knowledge exchange and impact in adult social care. The conference will present findings from a LSE HEIF 5-funded project, Creating an Impact: Social Care Research in Action (SCEiP), which aimed to: bring researchers and social care professionals together to identify key issues in social care and apply research evidence to those priority issues; further enhance dialogue between research, practice and policy stakeholders to support joint knowledge development and exchange; increase the demand for, and utilisation of, research evidence by professionals; and explore ways to demonstrate the impact of social care research.

For further information and ticket reservation, please click here|.

Further events are listed in the Department diary|.

Past events are listed in News and Events archive|.

Recent Podcasts

 Anton Hemerijck

Department of Social Policy Centennial Lecture: Fault Lines and Silver Linings in the European Social Model(s)|

Recorded on 11th June 2014

Speaker: Professor Anton Hemerijck
Chair: Professor David Piachaud
Commentators: Dr Waltraud Schelkle and Professor David Soskice

LSE Public Lectures

PSSRU LSE Literary Festival Discussion: "Who is it who can tell me who I am?" Understanding Dementia through Art and Literature|

Recorded on 25th February 2014
Speakers: Melvyn Bragg, Dr Andrea Capstick, Professor Justine Schneider
Chair: Professor Martin Knapp|

LSE Public Lectures

LSE Literary Festival Discussion: Self-Help: myth or reality?|

Recorded on 25th February 2014
Speakers: Dr Julian Baggini, Professor Paul Dolan|, Professor Barbara J Sahakian
Chair: Professor Ilina Singh



Richard Titmuss Annual Lecture: Richard Titmuss: forty years on|

Recorded on Wednesday 23 October 2013
Speaker: Professor Howard Glennerster|
Chair: Professor Julian Le Grand


Dr Armine Ishkanian

Reclaiming Democracy in the Square? Interpreting the Anti-Austerity and Pro-Democracy Movements

|Recorded on Thursday 10 October 2013
Speakers: Dr Heba Raouf Ezzat, Professor Marlies Glasius, Dr Armine Ishkanian| (pictured)
Chair: Professor David Lewis

More podcasts available at Events podcasts|

Recent Videos

This information is generated by an RSS feed from the Department audio and video channel|, and shows the 4 most recent videos.
  • MSc Criminal Justice Policy [Video]
    Contributor(s): Dr Coretta Phillips, Dr Michael Shiner, Professor Tim Newburn, Professor Robert Reiner, Kirat Kaur Kalyan, Amy Taylor, Sarah Anderson, Elvio Lopez-Correia, Alejandro Litman-Silberman, Sarah Anderson | Introduction to the MSc Criminal Justice Policy at the LSE.
  • Executive MSc Behavioural Science [Video]
    Contributor(s): Professor Paul Dolan, Dr Barbra Fasolo | A short video introduction to the Executive MSc in Behavioural Science which is being launched by LSE’s Departments of Social Policy and Management. The programme is delivered in a modular format and aims to provide a suite of high quality integrated courses for individuals seeking to advance their career in behavioural science while continuing to work.
  • Social Policy at LSE: Alistair McGuire [Video]
    Contributor(s): Professor Alistair McGuire | A profile of Alistair McGuire, Professor of Health Economics at LSE Department of Social Policy.
  • Social Policy at LSE: Anne Power [Video]
    Contributor(s): Professor Anne Power | A profile of Anne Power, Professor of Social Policy at LSE Department of Social Policy.

Latest Publications|

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Featured Publications

Happiness by Design: Finding pleasure and purpose in everyday life| 

Penguin (August 2014)

In Happiness by Design, Professor Paul Dolan| brings the latest research in behavioural science together with current findings in happiness studies to create a new concept of happiness - it's not just how you think, it's how you act


Black and ethnic minority students less likely to receive offers from university than white students|

Dr Philip Noden|, Dr Michael Shiner| and Professor Tariq Modood release a report| funded by Nuffield Foundation|.
(July 2014)

This report revisits the contested issue of ethnic minority access to higher education. It is well established that candidates from black and minority ethnic groups go to university in good numbers, but we also know that candidates from some minority groups tend to be concentrated in less prestigious institutions. The analysis reported here was designed to address two key questions: Are candidates from black and minority ethnic groups less inclined to apply to higher status institutions than white British candidates? And, are candidates from black and minority ethnic groups less likely to receive offers from university (and from higher status institutions in particular) than white British applicants?

Jennifer Brown Publication

What Works in Therapeutic Prisons|

Palgrave Macmillan (July 2014)

Authors: Professor Jennifer Brown|, Sarah Miller, Sara Northey, Darragh O'Neill

Uniquely examining the first purpose-built prison community of its kind, HMP Dovegate Therapeutic Community, this book assesses individual prisoners' progress through therapy and provides an evidence base to support investment into prison-based therapeutic communities.
Charting the process of change, the authors highlight the key essentials necessary for prisoners to address their motivations and criminal patterns of behaviour, revealing that strong therapeutic alliances and willingness to ask for help as well as offering help to others are critical.

The most comprehensive coverage of therapeutic communities to date, this book will be an important resource for students and practitioners working in prisons and with high-risk offenders, providing recommendations for building the best possible environment for prisoners to enhance their self-esteem, improve their behaviour and establish skills to desist.

Banding and Ballot Report

Banding and Ballots Secondary School Admissions in England: Admissions in 2012/13 and the Impact of Growth of Academies|

Published by The Sutton Trust (February 2014)

Authors: Dr Philip Noden|, Professor Anne West|, Audrey Hind

This report from LSE uses data from all of England's 3000 secondary schools to examine how many schools are using random allocation (ballots) or banding in their admissions.

The student experience
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