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Events podcasts



Pressing For Change: 25 years seeking trans equality

Recorded on 10th January 2017

Speaker: Professor Stephen Whittle
ChairDr Hakan Seckinelgin



Professor Sonia Correa

Abortion frontlines in Latin America: The Uruguayan exceptionality

Recorded on 5 December 2016

Speaker: Professor Sonia Corrêa
ChairDr Ernestina Coast


When Elephants Fight

Department of Social Policy Film Screening and Q&A:
When Elephants Fight

Recorded on 24 October 2016

Panelists: Peter Jones, Bandi Mbubi, JD Stier
ChairDr Armine Ishkanian

Dr Kitty Stewart

Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science public lecture
The Welfare Trait: how state benefits affect personality

Recorded on 29th June 2016

Speakers: Dr Adam Perkins, Dr Kitty Stewart 
Chair:   Professor Jason Alexander

Cities for a small Continent

LSE Housing and Communities and La Fabrique de la Cité public discussion
Cities for a Small Continent

Recorded on 24th May 2016

Speakers: Professor Brice Katz, Professor Anne Power
Discussants: Donal Durkan, Mathieu Goetzke

Social Advantage And Disadvantage

Department of Social Policy book launch and discussion
Social Advantage and Disadvantage

Recorded on 18th May 2016

Speakers: Professor Hartley Dean, Professor Lucinda Platt,Dr Sonia Exley
Discussant: Fran Bennett
Chair: Professor David Piachaud
Panellists: Professor Stephen Jenkins, Dr Coretta Phillips, Dr Isabel Shutes

Tom Gash

Department of Social Policy and Mannheim Centre for Criminology Public Lecture
Criminal: the truth about why people do bad things

Recorded on 3rd May 2016

Speaker: Tom Gash
Chair: Professor Tim Newburn

Tales From Houghton Street

Tales from Houghton Street: an LSE oral history

Tales from Houghton Street is an oral history project to celebrate LSE’s 120th anniversary in 2015.

Professor Julian Le Grand talks about his LSE experience. 

LSE Literary Festival 2016

PSSRU LSE Literary Festival Discussion
Art and Wellbeing: the growing impact of arts on health

Recorded on 23 February 2016

Speakers: Vivienne Parry, David McDaid, Liz Brady, James Leadbitter (the vacuum cleaner)
Chair: Professor Martin Knapp

LSE Literary Festival 2016

LSE Literary Festival Discussion
The Allure of Happy Endings

Recorded on 22 February 2016

Speakers: Dr Molly Crockett, Professor Paul Dolan, Sinéad Moriarty
Chair: Jonathan Gibbs

Goup Of Reporters

Department of Social Policy, Mannheim Centre for Criminology and the Howard League public discussion
New Media, Old News: strategies for penal reform groups to manage the new media landscape

Recorded on 20 January 2016

Speakers: Dr Marianne Colbran, Niall Couper, Andrew Neilson, Danny Shaw, Alan White
Chair: Professor Ian Loader



Anthropology and Development: challenges for the 21st century

Department of Social Policy and Department of Anthropology public discussion
Anthropology and Development: challenges for the 21st Century
Recorded on 28 October 2015
Speakers: Professor James Fairhead, Professor Katy Gardner, Professor David Lewis, Professor David Mosse
Chair: Professor Deborah James

Too Many Children Left Behind

CASE and International Inequalities Institute Public Lecture
Too Many Children Left Behind: the US achievement gap in comparative perspective
Recorded on 21 October 2015
Speakers: Professor Jane Waldfogel, Dr Lee Elliot Major
Chair: Professor Sir John Hills

Professor Richard Thaler

Department of Social Policy Public Lecture
Misbehaving: the making of behavioural economics
Recorded on: 9 June 2015
Speaker: Professor Richard Thaler
Chair: Professor Paul Dolan

Professor Sir Julian Le Grand

Department of Social Policy Public Lecture
The Government Paternalist: nanny state or helpful friend?Recorded on: 20 May 2015
Speaker: Professor Sir Julian Le Grand
Chair: Professor Howard Glennerster

LSE Public Lectures

LSE Public Lecture
Inequality in the 21st Century: a day long engagement with Thomas Piketty
Recorded on: 11 May 2015
Speakers: David Soskice, Wendy Carlin, Bob Rowthorn, Diane Perrons, Stephanie Seguino, Lisa McKenzie, Naila Kabeer, Dr Laura Bear, Gareth Jones, Mike Savage, Sir John Hills, Sir Tony Atkinson, Thomas Piketty

Professor John Hills

LSE Works: CASE Public Lecture
Changing Patterns of inequality in the UK
Recorded on 12 March 2015
Speakers: Professor Sir John Hills, Dr Polly Vizard
Chair: Bharat Mehta

LSE Public Lectures

Department of Social Policy/PSSRU LSE Literary Festival Discussion
Perceptions of Madness: understanding mental illness through art, literature and drama
Recorded on 25 February 2015
Speakers: Dr Sarah Carr, Paul Farmer, Nathan Filer, Dr John McGowan
Chair: Professor Martin Knapp

Will Hutton

Department of Social Policy Public Lecture
How Good We Can Be: ending the mercenary society and building a great country
Recorded on 11 February 2015
Speaker: Will Hutton
Chair: Professor Sir John Hills

LSE Public Lectures

Conflict Research Group Public Discussion
Picturing Race and Inequality: the potential for social change
Recorded on 13 January 2015
Speakers: Professor Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Mark Neville, Professor Tim Newburn, Professor Gwendolyn Sasse, Polly Toynbee


Please click on the headings below to see the podcasts of events that were recorded in those years. 


Professor John Hills

Department of Social Policy Public Lecture:Good Times Bad Times: the welfare myth of them and us
Recorded on 12 November 2014
Speaker: Professor Sir John Hills
Respondents: Polly Toynbee, Professor Holly Sutherland
Chair: Professor Julian Le Grand

Professor Paul Dolan

Department of Social Policy Public Lecture: Happiness by Design
Recorded on 22 October 2014
Speaker: Professor Paul Dolan
Chair: Professor Elaine Fox


Linda Tirado

Department of Social Policy public conversation: Hand to Mouth: the truth about being poor in a wealthy world
Recorded on 16 October 2014
Speaker: Linda Tirado
Chair: Rowan Harvey
Introduction by Dr Amanda Sheely

LSE Public Lectures

LSE Health and Africa Initiative Research Seminar: Practical and ethical dilemmas of working in the current Ebola crisis
Recorded on 15 October 2014
Speaker: Dr Benjamin Black
Chair: Dr Ernestina Coast

LSE Public Lectures

Department of Social Policy Centennial Lecture: Fault Lines and Silver Linings in the European Social Model(s)
Recorded on 11 June 2014
Speaker: Professor Anton Hemerijck
Chair: Professor David Piachaud
Commentators: Dr Waltraud Schelkle and Professor David Soskice

LSE Public Lectures

 PSSRU LSE Literary Festival Discussion: "Who is it who can tell me who I am?" Understanding Dementia through Art and Literature
Recorded on 25th February 2014
Speakers: Melvyn Bragg, Dr Andrea Capstick, Professor Justine Schneider
Chair: Professor Martin Knapp

LSE Public Lectures

LSE Literary Festival Discussion: Self-Help: myth or reality?
Recorded on 25th February 2014
Speakers: Dr Julian Baggini, Professor Paul Dolan, Professor Barbara J Sahakian
Chair: Professor IIina Singh



LSE Public Lectures

Richard Titmuss Annual Lecture: Richard Titmuss: forty years on
Recorded on Wednesday 23 October 2013
Speaker: Professor Howard Glennerster
Chair: Professor Julian Le Grand

LSE Public Lectures

Reclaiming Democracy in the Square? Interpreting the Anti-Austerity and Pro-Democracy Movements
Recorded on Thursday 10 October 2013
Speakers: Dr Heba Raouf Ezzat, Professor Marlies Glasius, 
Dr Armine Ishkanian 
Chair: Professor David Lewis