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Understanding European Living Arrangements: Perspectives from Anthropological Demography

Presentations from the joint meeting held at LSE on 18-19 December 2009 can now be accessed from the hyperlink in the title line of the programme below, where available. Please note that copyright in all presentations resides with the author(s), from whom permission to quote or reproduce should be sought.  


Friday 18 December 

10.15    Registration 

10.45 Introduction [Ernestina Coast] 

11.00 'Living arrangements in old age'|

Frédéric Balard (Université de Montpellier) 

11.30 'Living and care arrangements for the dependent elderly in Galicia |(Spain)'

 Antía Pérez Caramés (University of A Corunna)  

12.00   Discussion of presentations 

12.30 Lunch  

13.30  Solo-living: Trends in living alone amongst adults of working age'|

Roona Simpson, Lynn Jamieson, and Fran Wasoff (The University of Edinburgh) 

14.00  'Living without kin: the rise in non-family living among young adults in the UK'|

Juliet Stone, Ann Berrington, Emma Calvert, and Sue Heath (University of Southampton) 

 Discussion of presentations [Ernestina Coast] 

15.00 Coffee break 

15.30 'Transitional and long-term Living Apart Together (LAT) relationships: Causes and consequences'|

 Jenny de Jong Gierveld (Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI), The Hague) 

16.00  'Meaning of cohabitation and marriage in Slovakia: Comparing generations'|

 Michaela Potancokova (Demographic Research Centre, Bratislava, Slovakia) 

16.30  Discussion of presentations [Laura Bernardi]  |

17.00 Close 

Saturday 19th December

10.00  Welcome & Coffee 

10.30 'Nobody will be homeless here, that's a sure thing…': Living arrangements, unemployment and transition to parenthood in a Hungarian Gypsy community'

 Judit Durst (Corvinus University, Budapest & UCL) 

11.00  'Starting a Family at Your Parent's House: Multigenerational Households and Below Replacement Fertility in Bulgaria'

Kristen Ghodsee (Bowdoin College) & Laura Bernardi (University of Lausanne) 

11.15  '(Re)definition of family configurations after divorce'|

Montse Solsona (University of Barcelona), Carles Simό (University of Valencia) and Jeroen Spijker (University of Barcelona) 

11.45    'Newly Emerging Forms and Content of Relationships in view of Factors and Sources of Social Change'

 Marcel Tomasek (Centre for Public Policy, Prague) 

12.15     Discussion of presentations [Sara Randall & Katerina Georgiadis] 

13.15 Lunch  

14.15  Closing remarks – future directions 

15.15  Close