Annual conference

The British Society for Population Studies holds an annual conference in a different venue each September. Programmes, abstracts, and reports of previous conferences can be accessed from the relevant link on the left.  

BSPS Annual Conference 2014

Monday 8 - Wednesday 10 September 2014, University of Winchester 

The 2014 BSPS Conference will be held at the University of Winchester, 8-10 September. All Conference sessions will be held on site.


Abstracts are available on the 2014 Conference site, as is Information for participants and the final timetable.

  There will be two plenary sessions.

 David Satterthwaite (International Institute for Environment and Development – IIED) on Can a finite planet support an urbanizing world?  

 Eilidh Garrett (University of St. Andrews) on Historical Demography: past, present and future, a genealogist’s view 

Strand & session organisers are as follows:   

Ageing: Strand organiser: Gloria Langat, University of Southampton:|

Census & Beyond 2011: Strand organisers: Julie Jefferies, ONS:| & Kirsty MacLachlan, National Records of Scotland:|

Demographic projections and forecasts:|

Families & households: : Berkay Ozcan, London School of Economics -|

Fertility & reproductive health: Strand organisers: Stuart Basten, University of Oxford:|; & Monica Magadi, University of Hull:| 

Including session(s):

Cultural influences on fertility: Session(s) organiser: Nitzan Peri-Rotem (University of Oxford):|

Health & mortality: Strand organisers: Amos Channon, University of Southampton:|  & Paula Griffiths, Loughborough University:|

Including session(s): Session(s) organiser: Mariachiara Di Cesare (Imperial College):|

The importance of inequality in health & mortality analysis: what does recent evidence suggest? Session(s) organiser: Arjan Gjonca, London School of Economics:|

Historical demography: Strand organisers: Romola Davenport, University of Cambridge:|; &  Alice Reid, University of Cambridge:|

Local government and planning: Strand organiser: Greg Ball:| 

Including sessions:

How population information is used to inform local policy. Session(s) organiser: Gemma Quarendon, (Hampshire County Council)| 

Uses of administrative and survey data in local government. Session(s) organiser: Piers Elias, Tees Valley Unlimited.| 

Training session. Session(s) organiser: Piers Elias, Tees Valley Unlimited:|

Longitudinal studies & the life course: Strand organiser: Stephen Jivraj, Institute of Education:|

Including session(s): Combining data from birth cohort studies. Session(s) organisers: Stephen Jivraj and Alissa Goodman, Institute of Education:|;|

Long term effects of transition to adulthood. Session(s )organiser: Maria Sironi, University of Oxford:|

2011 Census data added to the Longitudinal Studies. Session(s) organiser: Jim Newman, Office for National Statistics:|

Migrations & mobilities: Strand organiser: Hill Kulu, University of Liverpool:|

Including session(s):

Internal migration modelling: Session organiser: Stamatis Kalogirou (Harokopio University of Athens):|

PhD workshop: Session(s) organiser: Julia Mikolai, University of Southampton|

Population patterns and processes with an ethnic group dimension: Strand organisers : Gemma Catney & Nissa Finney :|;|

Posters: Valeria Cetorelli & Heini Vaisanen, London School of Economics Email:|;|

Posters - Hampshire’s demography: past, present, & future. Organiser & contact: Gemma Quarendon, Hampshire County Council:|

General & administrative enquiries:   

BSPS Secretariat -| -- 020 7955 7666 (phone) .

Enquiries: BSPS Secretariat, POR.2.01, London School of Economics, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE. Email:| Telephone 020 7955 7666.