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BSPS Event Funding

The British Society for Population Studies holds several events throughout the year, in addition to the Annual Conference. These are organised by members on topics that they feel merit discussion. Suggestions for future events are always welcomed by the Secretariat, and may be jointly promoted with other organizations. BSPS provides a limited amount of funding and administrative support for these seminars. If you would like to organise a seminar, please use the proposal form below.

Event proposal form

BSPS Low and Middle Income Countries Initiative 2018: the call for proposals has now closed

The BSPS Low and Middle Income Countries Initiative has reserved up to £2,000 per annum for activities that encourage collaboration between population demographers in the UK and low and middle income countries. This initiative sponsors an annual visit by a demographer from a low or middle income country who gives a presentation at the BSPS Conference, where they also get the opportunity to meet and develop contacts with UK demographers. The overall aim is to encourage long-term collaboration and joint projects, and it is anticipated that contacts will already exist between the person to be funded, and a UK institution or UK demographers, & that other appropriate meetings will be arranged by the UK contact during the visitor’s stay in the UK. 

The World Bank classification will be used to exclude applications from those working in High Income countries. See:

Criteria to judge between applications will be the country’s average income, the potential to encourage collaboration between that country’s demographers and demographers in the UK, the potential for long-term collaboration and joint projects, the existence of links that can be built on, and the fulfilment of budgetary and other guidance provided by BSPS. 

Suggestions for the use of part or all of the Low and Middle Income Country funding for the year 2018 should be made by FRIDAY 20 JANUARY 2018, to for consideration by the BSPS Council at their next meeting in late January. Suggestions would be best supported by a single typed sheet with a draft budget and a note of how the visit would encourage collaboration Bids should also include a detailed timetable of the proposed activities, and should come from the UK-based sponsoring individual or institution only.

BSPS international travel grants

BSPS does not currently award direct research grants, but does provide bursaries for members of the society to attend conferences and professional meetings outside the UK. BSPS will normally offer support only for open conferences held overseas and not for internal seminars. International travel grants are not awarded for the attendance of overseas members at the BSPS Conference, or other conferences held in the UK.

Applications will be considered at any time during the year but applications must be made well in advance of the conference date. Grants are awarded on a first come, first served basis, at the discretion of the President and Honorary Treasurer, whose decision is final. A completed application form (below) must be submitted.  

Grants will be awarded up to a maximum of £250. Eligibility criteria include the following conditions:

  • Must have been BSPS members for one year before becoming eligible & membership subscription must be up-to-date at the time of application.
  • Awards are usually made for oral presentations but posters MAY be considered.
  • Presentations must be on a demographic topic 
  • Awards will be limited to one per individual every two years, subject to funds being available
  • Must have exhausted other funding possibilities such as own department
  • Preparation of a report of the conference for the BSPS Newsletter
  • Presentation of a financial account
  • Entry requirements to the country in question have been satisfied and a visa is in place, if required.

BSPS will monitor said conditions.

BSPS international travel grant application 2015