Annual Conference

The British Society for Population Studies holds an annual conference in a different venue each September. Programmes, abstracts, and reports of previous conferences can be accessed from the archive link at the bottom of the page. 

Call for innovative proposals for the 2020 BSPS Conference 

University of Leicester, 14-16 September 2020. 

The 2020 BSPS Conference will be held at Stamford Court, the University of Leicester, from Monday 14 September to Wednesday 16 September. 

BSPS welcomes suggestions & proposals from members & non-members for innovative formats, such as (but not restricted to) panel sessions on leading issues, international & intranational comparisons of data sources, forums, training sessions, sessions with discussant, discussions, workshops, or sessions aimed at a particular constituency (for example: postgraduate students, early career researchers, or local authority/NGO participants). 

Suggestions are also welcome for innovative strands or sessions, outside the regular strands which run at Conference: ageing; families & households; fertility & reproductive health; health & mortality; historical demography; innovative data, methods & models; local & small area demography; migration & mobilities; posters. 

A strand would be a series of themed sessions of 3-4 papers per session. Session suggestions can be submitted as stand-alone or as part of a strand with a specific focus in mind: a single session could focus on a particular methodological or substantive topic or a specific data set, but would need to attract sufficient high-quality submissions to be viable as a session (3-4 papers). It may well be that the person making such a session suggestion will already have an idea of papers which might be solicited for it. Potential organizers of strands and sessions should be willing to actively solicit papers outside of the regular call for papers & from as far afield as possible, with European & international perspectives in mind. 

Strand & session organizers would be expected to assess submissions & allocate accepted papers into a coherent session or sessions, together with various other organizational responsibilities. Attendance at Conference would be expected. 

Please be as specific as possible when filling in the proposal form and include any evidence you have that a particular theme or new strand would attract enough submissions to be viable. For proposed workshops or training sessions, please indicate who might organize and lead the session at the Conference and confirm that they have been approached and are willing. 

All suggestions will be considered by BSPS Council at their mid-January meeting, after which BSPS will let you know the outcome. The call for papers will be issued in late January 2020.

Please complete the proposal form below and return to as an attachment by 14 January 2020

Conference proposal form 2020



BSPS CONFERENCE 2019 - University Hall, Cardiff University 9-11 September 2019

The 2019 BSPS Conference was held at University Hall, Cardiff University, 9-11 September.

Final programme

The plenary theme of the Conference was ‘An ageing population: opportunities and challenges’.   

Plenary speakers were Professor Carol Jagger (Newcastle University, Institute of Ageing), who spoke on The health and care needs of future older populations: opportunity or challenge?

 & Dr. Brian Beach (International Longevity Centre, UK) who spoke on Longevity in research and policy: What happens next?

Slides from both plenary presentations are available here.

The health and care needs.of future older populations

Longevity in research & policy


Abstracts are presented by session within strands, in the order in which papers are to be presented.

Ageing across the globe abstracts

Data quality abstracts

Developments in official population statistics abstracts

Families and households abstracts

Feminist approaches abstracts

Fertility abstracts

Health and mortality abstracts

Historical abstracts

Innovative data abstracts

Local demography abstracts

Migration mobilities abstracts

Plenary abstracts

Poster abstracts

Telling the story in statistics

Workshops and training sessions 2019