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Roger Graef


Mannheim Centre for Criminology

Key Expertise
Media, Criminal justice system, Policing

About me


Roger Arthur Graef OBE is a theatre director and filmmaker. Born in New York, he moved to Britain in 1962, where he has made acclaimed documentary films with his ability to gain access to hitherto closed institutions, including Government ministries and court buildings


Recently Roger has been involved with a four part debate with Prof. Chris Stone of Harvard on the Today Programme about different phases of the criminal justice system. The episodes and an article he wrote for it are on justice debates

He was the Executive Producer for 'The Trouble with Pirates' for BBC, Swedish and German Television, exploring the conundrums around Somali piracy and its impact.

'Kids in Care', a Panorama Special that followed a group of teens and a three year old in care in Coventry. The pressures and problems of managing them were very clear, and the staff were seen as very gifted but still unable to control their charges. in Care

'Requiem for Detroit', which explored the rise and fall and possible rebirth of what was once the fourth largest city in America. This was also screened at a successful seminar at the LSE.

Roger spoke about policing and the media at the Stockholm Criminology Conference in June, and also lectured at John Jay College and the Kennedy School for Government at Harvard in 2010. He was on a recent panel at the Royal Society of Arts about neighbourhood policing.

See Films of Record for more in his work.  

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Media; Criminal justice system; Policing