Dr Jorge  Garcia Hombardos

Dr Jorge Garcia Hombardos

Research Fellow, COSTPOST

Department of Social Policy

About me

Jorge is an applied economist working as a Research Fellow at the Department of Social Policy, LSE. He is currently part of the ERC funded COSTPOST project led by Prof Mikko Myrskylä that investigates the costs and benefits of postponing parenthood. Before joining LSE, he completed a PhD in economics at the University of Sussex. Jorge previously worked for J-PAL Latin America and for the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie).

His main research interest is the assessment of the demographic and health effects of cultural practices such as child marriage, female genital cutting, polygamy or domestic violence that are prevalent in many developing countries, and the extent to which laws can help to address these practices. Jorge is also interested in understanding the effectiveness of social policies and more recently, I have started investigating the link between social capital and crime in Latin American slums.

Pre-PhD selected publications:

Waddington, H., Aloe, A.M., Becker, B.J., Djimeu, E.W., Hombrados, J., Tugwell, P., Wells, G., Reeves, B. 2017. "Quasi-Experimental Study Designs Series-Paper 6: Risk of Bias Assessment", Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, March 2017.

Garcia-Hombrados, J., Devisscher, M., Herreros-Martínez. 2015. “The Impact of Land Certification on Agricultural Productivity in Tanzania: A Theory-Based Approach”, Journal of Development Effectiveness, vol 7, issue 4, Special Issue: Improving lives through better evidence: an acknowledgement of the contribution of Howard White to international development, pag 530-544.

Waddington, H., White, H., Garcia-Hombrados, J., Snilstveit, B., Vojtkova, M., Davies, P., Eyres, J., 2012. “How to Do a Good Systematic Review of Effects and Meta-Analysis in International Development: A Tool Kit”, Journal of Development Effectiveness, vol 4, issue 3, pag 359-387.

Null, C., Kremer, M., Miguel, E., Garcia-Hombrados, J., Meeks, R. & Zwane, A. 2012. “Willingness to Pay for Cleaner Water in Less Developed Countries: Systematic Review of Experimental Evidence”, 3ie Systematic Review


Expertise Details

FGM; Child marriage; domestic violence; sub-saharan Africa;

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