Orsola Torrisi

Orsola Torrisi

PhD candidate

Department of Social Policy

About me

Research topic

Armed conflicts and family formation: fertility and marital dynamics in Azebaijan and Tajikistan

Orsola is a MPhil/PhD candidate in Demography/Population studies at the LSE. Her research focuses on the effects of social and economic crises (armed conflict, food/energy crises) on women’s fertility and childbearing intentions in low-income and in-transition Central Asian settings. Originally from Italy, Orsola has lived in the US, Lebanon and France and moved to London in 2012. She holds a BA in Political Economy from King’s College London, a MSc in Health Population and Society and a MSc in Social Research Methods from the LSE. In 2016, Orsola was awarded the Brian Abel-Smith Prize for outstanding performance and for the best MSc dissertation from the LSE.

Previously, she worked in Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon and held advisory roles for a political risk consulting company. Orsola also currently works as a Research Assistant at the LSE Middle East Centre.

Research interests:
Orsola is currently working on post-soviet Central Asia, with a particular focus on Tajikistan and the effects that disruptive events, including civil conflict, food shortages and environmental crises, have had on fertility and marital behaviour. Her research interests include fertility analyses in pre-transition contexts, the health effects of political and economic crises, post-Soviet and quantitative demography.

Supervisors: Dr Arjan Gjonca, Dr Berkay Özcan

Expertise Details

Post-soviet Central Asia; Tajikistan; effects of civil conflict on fertility; fertility analyses in pre-transition contexts; the health effects of political and economic crises; post-Soviet and quantitative demography