Laura  Sochas

Laura Sochas

PhD candidate

Department of Social Policy

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Research topic:

Does the mix of inequity determinants affect the impact of policies that aim to improve health equity?
A study of effect of removing user fees on the equity of facility-based deliver in Zambia across districts

Prior to starting her PhD, Laura worked for five years as a quantitative researcher on maternal and newborn health and health systems for clients such as DFID, UNFPA, and the UN Secretary General's office. She holds an MSc in Social Research Methods and a Masters in Public Administration (International development), both from LSE. She is French-American and has lived and worked in many Sub-Saharan African countries, including Kenya, Lesotho, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

Research interests:
Laura researches maternal and newborn health inequalities in Zambia, as part of her broader interest in the population-level consequences of social policies and embedded social disadvantage on health inequalities. Her research uses mixed methods, including innovative methods to measure inequality, GIS, causal inference, and narrative interviews. 

Supervisors: Dr Tiziana Leone, Professor Ernestina Coast

Expertise Details

Inequalities; maternal and reproductive health; human resources for health; health financing; causal inferenc; mixed methods; GIS