Aveek Bhattacharya

Aveek Bhattacharya

PhD candidate

Department of Social Policy

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Research topic:

How much choice is enough? The intrinsic (dis)value of secondary school choice in England and Scotland

Aveek grew up in Scotland. He holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and an MPhil in Political Theory, both from the University of Oxford, as well as an MSc in Social Policy Research from the LSE. Prior to joining the LSE, he worked for a private sector strategy consultancy and a public health NGO, both in London. He is affiliated with the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion.

Research interests:
Aveek is exploring the costs and benefits to parents in England and Scotland of having the right to choose a secondary school for their children – the extent to which it is empowering and valued, and the extent to which it is a burden and cause of anxiety.

Supervisors: Dr Tania Burchardt, Professor Julian Legrand

Expertise Details

School choice; quasi-markets; behavioural public policy