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Deepa Mann-Kler

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I have spent my life working in equality and social policy is one of the most fundamental methods for equalising our deeply unequal society.

Deepa Mann-Kler

  • Programme studied: BSc Social Policy and Administration
  • Year of Graduation: 1991
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Why did you choose to study at LSE in the Department of Social Policy?
I have spent my life working in equality and social policy is one of the most fundamental methods for equalising our deeply unequal society. I grew up in a house where these values are at their core. My mother was a trade union shop steward and my father served as a city councillor in  Leicester for over 32 years. 

What were your experiences while you were at LSE?
After feeling initially homesick, I grew to love LSE. I made incredible friendships and loved the international atmosphere of the University. I also loved the opportunities for learning and growing as a young person. Whenever I am in London, if I am anywhere near the strand I will take a quick walk through LSE.

What have you done since graduating?
After leaving LSE I studied my MSc in European Social Policy Analysis in Roskilde Denmark; Tilburg Holland and Bath England universities. I then went to work in the European Parliament and a policy institute EISSEAS in Brussels; after this I moved to Northern Ireland where I first worked in equality for 11 years - I researched and authored "Out Of The Shadows" the first report into racism in NI after the ceasefires were announced; in 2007 I realised a long held dream and became a full-time visual artist culminating in Neon Dogs being part of Lumiere London in 2016 in Coutts Bank on the Strand and in 2016 I became CEO of Neon, a tech company creating health and wellbeing apps by using immersive technologies of virtual and augmented realities.