Who We Are

SEDS is an interdisciplinary research unit, with a rotating executive shared between the Departments of Statistics, Methodology, and Mathematics. SEDS involves staff and research across a wide range of the LSE’s departments.

SEDS is also designed to be outward-facing and plans to link with similar initiatives through partnerships with other institutions of higher education and research, government, and commercial partners.

All general enquiries regarding the unit can be sent to her via the Contact page.

  • Core Staff

    Martin Anthony

    Martin Anthony is a Professor of Mathematics at LSE and is currently Head of the Department of Mathematics. His research interests lie in the mathematical theory of machine learning and in the theory of Boolean and pseudo-Boolean functions. For more information on Martin, you can visit his personal page.


    Milan Vojnovic

    Milan Vojnovic is Professor of Data Science with the Department of Statistics and the MSc in Data Science Programme Director. His research interests include data science, machine learning, algorithms and computation, game theory and information systems. For more information on Milan, you can visit his personal page.

  • Affiliates

    Coming Soon

    As the unit expands, details of affiliates will be listed here.