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LSE courses on Southeast Asia

LSE offers a range of courses focusing on individual Southeast Asian countries and wider regional issues. Courses are offered on both undergraduate and graduate levels, across a variety of disciplines. 

Please note that LSE SEAC does not administer these courses. For more information, please contact the teacher responsible for each course.

Undergraduate courses

AN223  The Anthropology of Southeast Asia

AN240  Investigating the Philippines - New Approaches and Ethnographic Contexts

IR314  Southeast Asia: Intra-regional Politics and Security

Graduate courses

AN420  The Anthropology of Southeast Asia 

AN444  Investigating the Philippines - New Approaches and Ethnographic Contexts

EH446  Economic Development of East and Southeast Asia

EH486  Shipping and Sea Power in Asian Waters, c. 1600-1860

GV427  Democracy in East and South Asia

GV4C9  Democratisation and its Discontents in Southeast Asia

GY438  Cities and Social Change in East Asia

GY480  Remaking China: Geographical Aspects of Development and Disparity

HY441 Islam, state, and conflict in Southeast Asia

IR418  International Politics: Asia & the Pacific

IR445  China and the World