Tolga  Sınmazdemir

Tolga Sınmazdemir

LSE Fellow

School of Public Policy

Room No
CBG 5.27
Key Expertise
Political Science

About me

Tolga is a fellow in the School of Public Policy at London School of Economics (LSE). Between 2013-2018, he was an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Bogazici University, Istanbul. He received his Ph.D. in Politics from New York University in 2012. 

His research focuses on the causes and consequences of ethnic conflict and violence, with a special focus on the Middle East. He studies these issues using quantitative methods to analyze observational, survey, and experimental data. Currently, he is working on a set of projects that examine causes and consequences of Syrian refugee flows into neighboring countries.

Research Interests:
Comparative Politics; Political Economy; Ethnic Conflict and Civil War; Refugees; Migration