MRes/PhD in Political Science

Programme codes: TMRESPOLSC (MRes)
                                   RPPOLSCI (PhD)

Department: Government

Students complete and are examined in courses to the value of four full units.

Guidelines for interpreting programme regulations
Classification scheme for the award of a taught master's degree (four units)
Exam sub-board local rules


Course number and title


Research Design



Research Design in Political Science


Methods courses

Students take courses under A, B or C to the value of one unit:

A) Quantitative research topics

MY552M or MY552L Applied Regression Analysis (H)


Causal Inference for Observational and Experimental Studies (H) or


Applied Quantitative Methods for Political Science (H)  


Game Theory for Research (H) (not available 2017/18)

B) Qualitative research topics


Qualitative Methods in the Study of Politics (H)

MY551M or MY551L Introduction to Quantitative Analysis (H)

C) Political theory research topics


Research Methods in Political Theory


If these courses have already been taken, other methods courses may be substituted with the approval of the Doctoral Programme Director.


Field seminars


Courses to the value of 1 unit from the following:



Comparative Political Economy: New Approaches and Issues in CPE (H)



Research Paper in Comparative Politics (half or full unit)



Research Paper European Politics and Policy (half or full unit)



Research Paper in Global Politics (half or full unit)



Research Paper Political Science and Political Economy (half or full unit)



Research Paper Political Theory (half or full unit)



Research Paper Public Policy and Administration (half or full unit)


Any course from Paper 2, above, not already taken, or any research methods course taught anywhere in the School, with the approval of the Course Convenor and the Doctoral Programme Director.


Research Prospectus



Research Prospectus in Political Science



Second, third, fourth and fifth year


A) Research and write a dissertation


B) Participate in at least one Doctoral Workshop in the Government Department or elsewhere in the School in each year. e.g. GV501 Doctoral Workshop: Political Theory; GV503 Political Philosophy Research Seminar, GV510 Ethnicity and Nationalism Research Workshop  (withdrawn 2017/18), GV514 Political Science and Political Economy Doctoral Workshop, GV515 Researching People, Politics and Organisations (withdrawn 2017/18), GV555 Political Economy and Public Policy Workshop.


C) Second year students have the option of taking EC540 Political Economy. Permission to attend is at the discretion of the course convenor.




Award of the MRes


The award and classification of the MRes is consistent with the School's Scheme for the Award of a four-unit Taught Master's Degree




Conditions for progression to PhD


1. Award of the MRes with at least a Merit


2. Award of GV599 with at least a Merit




Award of the PhD


The PhD is awarded according the rules of the LSE.

Note for prospective students:
For changes to graduate course and programme information for the next academic session, please see the graduate summary page for prospective students. Changes to course and programme information for future academic sessions can be found on the graduate summary page for future students.