MPhil/PhD in Philosophy of the Social Sciences

Programme code: RPPHSS

Department: Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Methods

In addition to progressing with their research, students are expected to take the listed training and transferable skills courses. Students may take courses in addition to those listed, and should discuss this with their supervisor. All programmes of study should be agreed with the supervisor at the start of the year.

Guidelines for interpreting programme regulations

Year 1
Training courses

Compulsory (examined/not examined)
1. MY551 Introduction to Quantitative Analysis
2. MY552 Applied Regression Analysis
3. MY521 Qualitative Research Methods
4. Either PH419 Set Theory and Further Logic (if students have previous logic training) or PH502 Reasoning and Logic (if no logic training)
5. PH458 Evidence and Policy (H)
6. Students also attend a Research Seminar in the Department

Year 2
Training courses

Compulsory (examined)
7. MY555 Multivariate Analysis and Measurement
8. MY500 Fundamentals of Social Science Research Design

Year 3 and 4
Completion of the thesis.

Progression and upgrade requirements
Successful completion of work required for each year is a necessary condition for re-registration in the following year; and for upgrading from MPhil to PhD status. During the first year students must write a first chapter of the thesis as well as an outline (research plan) of the rest of the thesis. The chapter should be around 40 pages; the research plan around 10 pages. Both have to be handed in to the Departmental Office by 1 September. This upgrading will normally take place after the successful completion of Year 1 requirements. Once you are registered for the PhD that registration will be backdated to the start of your MPhil/PhD studies.