MPhil/PhD in Management Science

(formerly MPhil/PhD Operational Research)

Programme code: RPMS

Department: Management

In addition to progressing with their research, students are expected to take the listed training and transferable skills courses. Students may take courses in addition to those listed, and should discuss this with their supervisor.

Guidelines for interpreting programme regulations

Training Courses and Seminars
There are no prescribed courses for all research students. Your supervisor will discuss with you your experience and background and will advise you or require you to take courses as appropriate. These would normally be taken in your first year of registration as a research student.

Students would be expected to be active participants in the Group's Research Seminar Series and, where appropriate to their research, with the Mathematical Programming Study Group Seminar Series held in conjunction with the Operational Research Society.

Normally research students are expected, under the guidance of their supervisor, to present their work and findings to the whole Group every summer in a session devoted to that purpose. Students engaged in preparing the final draft of their thesis are exempted from this requirement.

Methodological Training
You will work closely with your principal supervisor, who will provide advice and guidance. You will also have the opportunity to take advantage of research methodology courses provided by the Methodology Institute and the academic and professional development programme offered by the Teaching and Learning Centre.

Upgrading to PhD
The review to upgrade to the PhD normally takes place within two years of full time registration. Progress is assessed by the first and/or second supervisor in consultation with the PhD programme director and another expert in the field of the research undertaken by the student. If satisfactory progress has been made, the programme director will recommend that registration be upgraded to PhD status.

Targets for Progress
Year One - Successful completion of any taught courses required
Year Two - Upgrade to PhD
Year Three - Completion of research and thesis
Year Four - Completion of research and thesis