MPhil/PhD in Anthropology

Programme codes: RPAN (MPhil/PhD)
                               RPAN2 (PhD)

Department: Anthropology

(Programme withdrawn 2015/16. Last intake 2014/15)

In addition to progressing with their research, students are expected to take the listed training and transferable skills courses. Students may take courses in addition to those listed, and should discuss this with their supervisor.

Guidelines for interpreting programme regulations

Year 1: Pre-fieldwork
Training courses
Compulsory (not-examined):
AN500 Seminar on Anthropological Research

Compulsory (examined):
AN501 Field Research Seminar (withdrawn 16/17)
AN449 Ethnography in relation to other Research Methods (H) (withdrawn 16/17)
AN455 Statistics and Causal Analysis for Social Anthropologists (H) (withdrawn 16/17)
Students with a strong background in statistics can take MY552 instead of AN455 (withdrawn 16/17).

In addition, students are required to attend and produce coursework for one or two of the department's main courses (to the value of one unit):
AN402 The Anthropology of Religion,
AN405 The Anthropology of Kinship, Sex and Gender,
AN437 Anthropology of Learning and Cognition  (n/a 16/17) and
LL4E8 Law in Society: A Joint Course in Law and Anthropology
AN451 Anthropology of Politics (H),
AN456 Anthropology of Economy (1): Production and Exchange (H),
AN457 Anthropology of Economy (2): Transformation and Globalisation (H)

Students also follow a reading and fieldwork preparation course (AN442) under the direction of their supervisors and prepare a 10,000 word research proposal (AN443).

Years 2-3: Fieldwork
Fieldwork normally lasts approximately fifteen to eighteen months.

Years 3-4: Post-fieldwork
Training courses
Compulsory (not examined):
After fieldwork students begin writing their PhD dissertations under the close supervision of members of staff. During this period of their studies, they attend:
AN500 Seminar on Anthropological Research,
AN503 Thesis Writing Seminar, and
AN507 Theoretical Issues in Anthropology: Precepts and Practice II.

Presentation requirements:
in the year following their return from the field, students are required to present a chapter to the rest of their cohort in the Thesis Writing Seminar (AN503). In the final year, students are normally expected to present a paper in the Departmental Seminar on Anthropological Research (AN500).

Progression and upgrade requirements:
In the first year of the programme, AN449 and AN455 will be examined in the Summer Term. Together these count for 25% of the total mark of the year. Students who obtain a fail (but not a bad fail) in either of these courses, but who achieve a pass when both marks are combined are allowed to progress without retaking the failed exam. Essays for the additional course are submitted at the end of Lent Term. If a mark of 60% is not achieved essays must be resubmitted within four weeks. The research proposal, worth 75% of the total mark for the year, will be examined, and must be passed before a student is upgraded to the PhD and allowed to begin fieldwork.