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Executive MSc in Behavioural Science

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Programme Code: TMBSEX

Department: Psychological and Behavioural Science

For students starting this programme of study in 2019/20

Guidelines for interpreting programme regulations

Classification scheme for the award of an Executive MSc in Behavioural Science
Exam sub-board local rules

16 month, part-time modular programme consisting of three full units of taught courses and one full unit dissertation. Students take four compulsory half unit courses to the value of two units, and two optional half unit courses to the value of one unit. Alternative exit points are available to students who are not able to complete the degree. An LSE Diploma is available on the completion of six taught courses and an LSE Certificate on the completion of four taught courses.

The Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science has recoded their course codes from PS- to PB- for 2018/19. The courses listed below with a PB- code are not new courses but some may have changed code.


Course number, title (unit value)

Year 1


Paper 1

PB450E Behavioural Science and Policy (0.5)

Paper 2

MG406E Behavioural Decision Science (0.5)


Paper 3

PB471E Research Methods for Behavioural Science (0.5)

Paper 4

One of the following courses:


PB453E Corporate Behaviour and Decision Making (0.5) or


PB454E Policy Appraisal and Ethics (0.5)


Paper 5

PB413E Frontiers in Behavioural Science Methods (0.5)

Paper 6

One of the following courses:


PB434E Behavioural Science in an Age of New Technology (0.5)


PB452E Behavioural Science for Health (0.5) A


PB457E Organisational Culture (0.5) #

Year 2

Paper 7

PB451E Dissertation in Behavioural Science (1.0)


A : PB452E is not available for 2019/20 on this programme. 

# means there may be prerequisites for this course. Please view the course guide for more information.

Note for prospective students:
For changes to graduate course and programme information for the next academic session, please see the graduate summary page for prospective students. Changes to course and programme information for future academic sessions can be found on the graduate summary page for future students.