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MSc in Finance (part-time)

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Programme Code: TMFI

Department: Finance

For students starting this programme of study in 2018/19

Guidelines for interpreting programme regulations

Classification scheme for the award of a taught master's degree (four units)
Exam sub-board local rules        

Academic year programme lasting 21 months part-time (evenings). Students must take two full unit compulsory courses in the first year and four of the half-unit options available in the second year. They must submit a dissertation in one of the optional half-unit courses and take an examination in the other three half-unit courses.

Please note that places are limited on some optional courses. Admission onto any particular course is not guaranteed and may be subject to timetabling constraints and/or students meeting specific prerequisite requirements.


Course number, title (unit value)

Year 1

Paper 1

FM422E Corporate Finance (1.0) #

Paper 2

FM423E Asset Markets (1.0) #

Year 2

Papers 3 & 4

Courses to the value of 2.0 units from List 1 and List 2 below. Students must select at least three courses from the dedicated list of options: A


List 1 - Courses assessed by Exam or Coursework

Dedicated list of options:


FM405E Fixed Income Securities and Credit Markets (0.5) #


FM406E Topics in Portfolio Management (0.5) #


FM407E Mergers, Buyouts and Corporate Restructurings (0.5) #


FM408E Financial Engineering (0.5) #


FM409E Risk Management in Financial Markets (0.5) #


FM414E Private Equity, Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Finance (0.5) #


Other option:


FM412 Quantitative Security Analysis (0.5) #

List 2 - Courses assessed by Dissertation


Courses cannot be selected from this list if the course with the equivalent title has already been selected from List 1.

Dedicated list of options:


FM4T4E Private Equity, Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship - Dissertation (0.5)


FM4T6E Topics in Portfolio Management - Dissertation (0.5)


FM4T8E Financial Engineering - Dissertation (0.5)


FM4U5E Fixed Income Securities and Credit Markets - Dissertation (0.5)


FM4U7E Mergers, Buyouts and Corporate Restructurings - Dissertation (0.5)


FM4U9E Risk Management in Financial Markets - Dissertation (0.5)


Other options:


FM4T9 International Finance - Dissertation (0.5)  (not available 2019/20)


FM4U4 Quantitative Security Analysis - Dissertation (0.5)


A : You will be required to write a 6,000 word dissertation (replacing the exam) in one of your half unit courses. You are expected to attend the course teaching on the half-unit that you chose to write your dissertation on.

# means there may be prerequisites for this course. Please view the course guide for more information.

FM412 and FM4T9 are taught during the daytime only. To take these courses students must be able to attend teaching during the day.

Supplementary criteria for progression from the first to the second year of the MSc Finance (part-time)

To be eligible to proceed into the second year, candidates must attain at least a Pass grade in the two compulsory courses: FM422E and FM423E. If a candidate fails (but does not 'Bad Fail') one compulsory course, the Board may exceptionally allow progression to the second year. Exceptional progression will be at the sole discretion of the Board. If a candidate fails both of these compulsory courses they will not be allowed to progress to year two. If a candidate has a 'Bad Fail' in one or both courses they will not be allowed to progress to year two.

A student shall normally be entitled to re-sit any failed courses only (on one occasion) and at the next normal opportunity. The School may consider an application for repeat tuition in any failed courses from a student. Results obtained at re-sit shall bear their normal value.

Note for prospective students:
For changes to graduate course and programme information for the next academic session, please see the graduate summary page for prospective students. Changes to course and programme information for future academic sessions can be found on the graduate summary page for future students.