Not available in 2013/14
SO473      Half Unit
Crime, Control and the City

This information is for the 2013/14 session.

Teacher responsible

Dr Janet Foster S206


This course is available on the MSc in City Design and Social Science, MSc in Criminal Justice Policy, MSc in Regional And Urban Planning Studies and MSc in Sociology. This course is available with permission as an outside option to students on other programmes where regulations permit.

Course content

This half unit course examines crime and disorder in city landscapes, the relationship between crime, space and place, and the complex mix of informal and formal social controls that influence different types and levels of crime. Drawing on a range of comparative literature from different cities, and using a mixture of classic and contemporary texts, we examine the importance of informal social control in maintaining social order in cities, the role of policing, and what happens when formal and informal social controls fail using the recent riots, gangs and homicide as examples. We also explore the principles of crime prevention - both physical and social - and use public housing as a case study to critically examine the relationship between crime and design.


20 hours of seminars in the LT. 6 hours of seminars in the ST.

Indicative reading

Bottoms, A (2007) 'Place, Space, Crime and Disorder' in Maguire M et al (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Criminology Chapter 17, Cochrane, A and Talbot, D (eds.) (2008) Security: Welfare, Crime and Society Maidenhead: Open University Press, Evans, K (2011) Crime Prevention: a critical introduction London: Sage, Felson, M and Boba, R. (2010) Crime and Everyday Life London: Sage, Graham, P. & Clarke, J. (2001) 'Dangerous Places: Crime and the City' in Muncie, J. & McLaughlin, E. (eds.) The Problem of Crime 2nd ed. (Sage), Mooney, G and Neal, S (eds.) (2009) Community: Welfare, Crime and Society Maidenhead: Open University Press, Pile, S. et al. (eds.) (1999) Unruly Cities London: Routledge, Pitts, J (2008) Reluctant Gangsters: the changing face of youth crime Cullumpton, Devon: Willan Publishing, Wacquant, L (2008) Urban Outcasts: A Comparative Sociology of Advanced Marginality Cambridge: Polity Press, Zukin, S (2010) Naked City: The Death and Life of Authentic Urban Places Oxford University Press


Essay (100%, 5000 words) in the ST.
Students who do a ride along with the police will also be required to write up a short report (approx. 500 words) on their visit and what they learnt from it.

Key facts

Department: Sociology

Total students 2012/13: 31

Average class size 2012/13: 30

Value: Half Unit

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