Workshop in Advanced Quantitative Analysis

This information is for the 2019/20 session.


This course is available to MPhil/PhD students from across the LSE who are undertaking projects using quantitative methods.

Course content

MY560 is a series of workshop modules on advanced topics in quantitative research methodology. These workshops assume a background in quantitative methods at least covering basic statistics, linear and logistic regression. Most of the workshops are for one day, and consist of a 2 hour lecture plus 2 hour computer class in the afternoon and early evening of the same day. While many of the workshops are part of a series on related topics, each workshop is self-contained, and can be attended without attending any other workshops.


Sessions to be held in term time throughout the year; participants are required to sign up via LSE’s Training and Development System.


This course is non-examinable.

Key facts

Department: Methodology

Total students 2018/19: Unavailable

Average class size 2018/19: Unavailable

Value: Non-credit bearing

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