French Language and Society 5 (mastery)

This information is for the 2016/17 session.

Teacher responsible

Mr Francois Simon TW3 6.01 K


Available as an outside option to all undergraduate and General Course students. Students can take this course in any year of their studies following approval from the teacher responsible and subject to their own programme regulations.


Students must have completed French Language and Society 4 (proficiency) (LN230).

AND / OR attend a compulsory interview with the course co-ordinator prior to registration.

Course content

  • Further advanced (up to the level of mastery) study of the French language within the framework of social sciences and culture. In a dynamic and communicative way the course develops all four language skills (i.e. speaking, listening, reading and writing - including grammar) through individual and group work, topical discussions, authentic and studio-based multi-media materials.
  • The focus on accuracy,  near native command  of the target Language, maximisation of cultural awareness through the latest developments with a particular emphasis on using student centred approach in course delivery, preparing the students to be fully operational in a French speaking company or any other Organisation where near native command of French is an essential requirement. 


20 hours of seminars in the MT. 20 hours of seminars in the LT. 2 hours of seminars in the ST.

Two hours per week, which will feature: (a) seminars; (b) Oral Classes; (c) Workshops; (d) Tutorials; and (e) Guided study using Language (f) grammar. Showroom, IT and web-based material including a virtual learning environment supported by Moodle.

Formative coursework

  1. Exam (60%, duration: 3 hours) in the main exam period.
  2. Oral examination (20%) in the ST.
  3. Continuous assessment (20%) in the MT and LT.

Indicative reading

Students are encouraged to make full use of the resources of French books in the Library as well as reference books. Students are also strongly advised to use the resources available on the World Wide Web.The course is in the process of being supplemented with new activities, topics and themes that underpin French Modern Society.


Exam (60%, duration: 3 hours) in the main exam period.
Oral examination (20%) in the LT.
Continuous assessment (20%) in the MT and LT.

Student performance results

(2013/14 - 2015/16 combined)

Classification % of students
First 21.4
2:1 64.3
2:2 14.3
Third 0
Fail 0

Key facts

Department: Language Studies

Total students 2015/16: 5

Average class size 2015/16: 5

Capped 2015/16: Yes (12)

Value: One Unit

Guidelines for interpreting course guide information

PDAM skills

  • Self-management
  • Team working
  • Problem solving
  • Application of information skills
  • Communication

Course survey results

(2013/14 - 2015/16 combined)

1 = "best" score, 5 = "worst" score

The scores below are average responses.

Response rate: 93%



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