Research Seminar in Development Studies

This information is for the 2019/20 session.

Teacher responsible

Dr Elliott Green CON8.07


This course is compulsory on the MRes/PhD in International Development. This course is available on the MPhil/PhD in Development Studies. This course is available as an outside option to students on other programmes where regulations permit.

Course content

This seminar is designed as a forum for discussing theoretical and methodological issues in Development Studies research. Modules are organized around broad methodological issues (e.g. research design, case studies, causal inference) and presentations of research, with the former featuring heavily in the MT and the latter in the LT and ST. Research presentations at the seminar are made by International Development research students and also by staff, with some invited speakers from outside.

All research students are expected to attend the seminar while in residence in London. First year students are required to present a draft of their research proposal to the seminar during the LT or ST. Continuing students are invited to make presentations based on a report of their research, draft chapters or even their final draft of the dissertation. In making their presentations students are asked to provide (a) background material about the particular issue at hand, (b) a clear statement of the research questions and/or hypotheses that are being addressed, and (c) discussion of the research methods to be employed. Students should inform their supervisor(s) of the date when they are scheduled to make a presentation.


15 hours of seminars in the MT. 15 hours of seminars in the LT. 10 hours and 30 minutes of seminars in the ST.


This course is not assessed.

Key facts

Department: International Development

Total students 2018/19: 3

Average class size 2018/19: 3

Value: Non-credit bearing

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