Your programme of study - Research

Last updated: July 2011

Further details relating to each of the following areas, including procedural instructions, can be found on the Research Degrees Unit website at:


Registration means that you are a member of the School and entitled to use the School facilities. It is your responsibility to ensure that you register fully for your programme of study.

Research Students

Each student is registered on a research programme leading to a qualification (e.g. Doctor in Philosophy). You must normally complete all programme requirements within, and attend the School for, the timeframe set out in your programme regulations (see and/or offer of admission.

Visiting Research Students

Academic departments admit Visiting Research Students from other universities to spend up to one academic session at the School. This programme does not contribute towards a degree or diploma.

New Students

Registration takes place in the Research Degrees Unit (Room TW2. V600) throughout the week preceding the start of the Michaelmas Term. Students will not normally be allowed to register after the last working day of October, largely because they will have missed a significant part of their programme of study. The records of any student who has not registered by this deadline will be closed.

Continuing Students

Re-registration in the next year of study is dependent upon satisfying the progression rules (as outlined in your degree regulations) in the preceding year. Your department will confirm whether re-registration has been permitted and the Research Degrees Unit will re-register those students to whom permission has been granted.

LSE Card and Email Account

All registered students will be issued with an LSE ID Card. This card serves as your student identity card and your library card and should be kept in a safe place. A fee is charged to replace a lost or stolen card.

Please note that your LSE email will be used for a variety of essential communications, including information on payment of your tuition fees. You should access and manage your LSE email account on a regular basis, as it will be assumed that you have opened and acted upon these communications.

Conditions of Study

Your signature on the acceptance of offer form binds you to abide by all applicable School regulations, procedures, codes and policies as set out in the School Calendar. Please read carefully the various regulations and, in particular, the Code of Good Practice for Research Students and their Supervisors, and the Regulations for Research Degrees.

You are strongly advised to consult a member of the Research Degrees Unit on matters connected with School regulations. If you are in any doubt about any information provided orally, you should ask for it to be confirmed in writing (particularly if relating to your tuition fees). It remains your responsibility to pass on information about your personal circumstances to the Research Degrees Unit.

Withdrawal from the School

In exceptional circumstances you may decide you want to withdraw from your studies completely. Before you make a final decision to withdraw you should discuss your position with your supervisor or one of the School's Advisers or the Dean of Graduate Studies. If you decide not to continue with your programme you need to inform the Research Degrees Unit in writing. Please note that you will remain liable for fees up to and including the week the Research Degrees Unit receives written notification of your withdrawal.

Interruption and Fieldwork

Research students need permission to interrupt their study, undertake fieldwork or to study elsewhere as required by the Regulations for Research Degrees. You should complete the relevant form available at:

Financial Matters

You must complete a Financial Undertaking Form before registration, and pay fees either in full before the beginning of the session concerned or, by agreement of the School, in instalments as per published instructions.


The fees for each academic session appear on the School's website at: Fees cover registration, teaching, first entry to examinations, the use of the Library and membership of the Students' Union. If you register for a course lasting more than a year, or you interrupt your studies and return to complete them later, the fees charged for subsequent years will be at the rate applicable for the academic year in question and not at the rate for the academic year in which you first registered.

Your status as a Home/EU or Overseas student for fee purposes is determined by the Graduate Admissions Office on the basis of information that you have provided. This status cannot normally be changed after you have registered.

If you owe money to the School or University, including charges for accommodation, the School may apply penalties or sanctions at its discretion.

Financial Support

The Financial Support Office administers a variety of scholarships and award schemes for incoming students. It also administers student hardship funds for registered students. The eligibility requirements and value of financial support differ according to each scholarship, award and/or fund. For information on sources of financial support you should visit the websites of both the Financial Support Office and Students' Union.


The degrees of MPhil and PhD are examined by thesis and oral viva examination. Research students must enter for the examination (i.e. submit a completed examination entry form) at least two months before they are due to submit their thesis.
Further information on the examination process can be found in the Regulations for Research Degrees.