Conditions of Registration - 2014/15 entry

Last updated: July 2014

The School and University regulations relating to your programme are set out in your "LSE for You" account and the School Calendar (, together with the Ethics Code, Rules of the Library, Conditions of Use of IT Facilities, and all other School and University regulations.

Please note that the School may make minor changes to its regulations, rules, codes and conditions after you have accepted your offer of a place. We will notify you of these changes via email by the end of the second week of Michaelmas Term. Your acceptance of the terms and conditions on the Student Verification Form binds you to abide by all of these and to the following Conditions of Registration:


You agree to your relationship with the School being governed by English Law and to the English Courts having exclusive jurisdiction over any legal matter.


You agree to stay in London or within reasonable distance of the School during term time (for term dates, please see the School Calendar). If for any reason you need to be absent from the School during term time, you will first consult your academic adviser/ supervisor. If you are to be away for more than a fortnight, you agree to inform the Student Services Centre in writing before you go. Email notification is acceptable to both your tutor and the Student Services Centre.


If you are a non-EEA national studying in the UK with student immigration permission, you must abide by the terms of your visa, as defined by the UK Border Agency.


You agree that if you are away from the School through illness, you will inform your tutor/supervisor. If you are away for more than a fortnight, you will send a medical certificate to the Student Services Centre.


You agree that if you change your place of residence you will inform the Student Services Centre via your "LSE for You" account of your new address details at once.


You agree that you are liable for fees while you are in registration at the School, including any fees which a sponsor has agreed to pay on your behalf. You agree that if you decide to withdraw from or interrupt your studies, no refund of fees can be made until you have notified the Student Services Centre of your decision in writing. If you withdraw from your programme, you will be charged fees up to the Friday after the last day of attendance. If you have been granted
permission to interrupt your studies from the Lent Term or the Summer Term, you will be charged fees for the term(s) you have already completed.


You agree that if you change your registration status (e.g. move from full-time to part-time study, or withdraw from your programme), fees will be charged on a pro rata basis as appropriate according to the date on which official permission for the change was given.


You agree to pay tuition fees in full or in instalments as arranged with the Fees Office ( You accept that if you fail to pay tuition fees by the due date, this will invalidate your registration. You accept also that if you are in debt to the School for tuition fees or the School may end your registration and/or withhold official certification about your progress at the School, information about your results and any academic award made to you.


You accept that LSE collects and processes certain information on its students for essential administrative, academic and health and safety reasons. This information is treated in strict confidence, and is covered by the Data Protection Act. In particular, the School will use your personal information for its approved purposes only, and will not pass it to unauthorised third parties without your explicit consent. It will form the basis of records of registered students supplied to the Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA), which is owned and managed by the universities to provide statistics for the Higher Education Funding Councils and the universities. Further details are set out at


Your LSE email account will be used for a variety of essential communications, including information on payment of your tuition fees. The School will assume that you open, read and act upon these emails.


On all matters connected with School and University regulations, you should contact the Student Services Centre for guidance. If you are in any doubt about any information provided orally, you should ask for it to be confirmed in writing. In particular, you should always ask for written confirmation of any information relating to your tuition fees.


You should not expect tutors/supervisors to be familiar with all regulations, about which you should seek clarification from the Student Services Centre.


You should not expect tutors/supervisors to pass on to the Student Services Centre information about your plans or, where applicable, about mitigating circumstances relating to your exam performance. It is your own responsibility to do so within the published deadlines.


As a member of LSE's Students' Union, you are also a member of the University of London Union (ULU), which is the union that represents all students studying at a college within the University of London. You agree that the School can pass on your name and LSE email address to ULU for the purpose of
registering you to vote in the ULU elections.


The School considers academic integrity to be of the utmost importance. You agree that all your assessed coursework (essays, projects, field reports, literature reviews, etc) may be analysed by plagiarism detection software1.


You accept that while any assessment offence allegation made against you remains outstanding, the School may withhold official certification about your progress at the School, information about your results and any academic award made to you.


Neither the School nor you will be liable for failure to perform any obligations to each other if it arises from force majeure, including acts of God, war, terrorism, industrial disputes (including disputes involving the School's employees), pandemic, fire, flood, tempest and national emergencies. If either the School or you seeks to rely on this clause, they shall ensure that disruptions are kept to a minimum.

Copies of all papers submitted to the software will be retained as source documents in the iParadigms reference database solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism. Use of the Turnitin UK service shall be subject to such Terms and Conditions of Use as may be agreed between iParadigms and LSE from time to time and posted on the Turnitin UK website.